Steampunk mouse is what Doctor Evil will use

Steampunk Mouse 544x388px
(credit: Peter Balch) Steampunk Mouse | US$ASK |

your computer mouse won’t have a brain like Peter Balch’s steampunk mouse, literally. there is something (unexplainable) about Balch’s Steampunk Mouse that have us ogling all over it and at the same time, giving us a sense of creepiness. perhaps, it is the realistic brain formed out of FIMO modeling material enclosed within a Victoria gas mantle that gives us the creeps. in any case, the steampunk mouse is definitely a work of art and you can make one yourself with Balch’s brief instruction on his website. however, if you are not technically inclined then Balch is more than happy to make one for you at a price. Continue reading Steampunk mouse is what Doctor Evil will use

WENGER Ueli Steck Knife: elite outdoor pocket knife

WENGER Ueli Steck Knife 544x488px
(credit: WENGER) WENGER Ueli Steck | US$200.00 |

u probably will be asking “who or what the heck is Ueli Steck?” well, Ueli Steck is a professional mountaineer and speed climber who made his first climb on the Eiger North Face at the age of eighteen. it took him 10 hours. that was then. in 2008, he did it again and this time it took him just two hours and forty minutes with nothing more than bare essentials. so the teaming up of WENGER with Ueli to create a perfect tool for mountaineering makes a whole lot of sense. this pocket knife features 50% thicker blade on all three knives and unlike it’s name suggest, it is more than just a knife. it is a multifunctional tool which include a large flat screwdriver, metal saw cum file, hexagonal keys, can opener et cetera. available this April and price at $200, the Ueli Steck Knife also comes package with a carrying pouch and a North Face Trilogy DVD to get you inspired.

WENGER via Cool Material

Microsoft Cinema is the world’s biggest touchscreen

Stereolize Microsoft Cinema 544x311px
(credit: Stereolize)

going big is the way to stand out. apparently, Microsoft Germany second that and had the folks over at Stereolize to create an ultra-huge 235-inches interactive touchscreen for their presentation at the CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany. check out the video (with nice soundtrack) after the jump. the display is almost two time the height of the presenters and has complete touch and gestures functionality, well, at least up to the height an average presenter can reach. as witness from the video, the flicking and touching don’t seems to have any lack which oppose to my perception of a Microsoft OS. sorry dudes. years of Microsoft OS on desktop, laptop and mobile had evidently traumatized me. what’s more impressive was the humongous size display doesn’t induce any lack. awesome stuff!

Stereolize via Oh Gizmo!

The Magic Charger wirelessly charges your Magic Mouse

Mobee Technology The Magic Charger 544x288px
(credit: Mobee) The Magic Charger | US$49.90 |

the problem with using a wireless mouse is the constant need to change batteries. this is especially true for Apple’s Magic Mouse, which would require a quarterly refreshing of batteries (depending on usage). it is a hassle and not to mention, it is environmentally unfriendly. one alternative is to use rechargeable batteries, which i did but the downer is, standard rechargeable takes significantly long time to charge, which means you will need to have two sets of those batteries to do the rotation.

Mobee Technology’s The Magic Charger solves this switching of batteries issue by the use of inductive charging. simply replace the batteries and battery compartment cover of the Magic Mouse with the Magic Charger item, and charging will start once the mouse is placed on the base station. the base station is USB powered so there will be no worry about wall outlet availability. a full charge takes 6 hours which gives the Magic Mouse enough juice to last up to 6 days. not exactly the kind of duration that we were expecting but it is a trade off for the convenience, besides you don’t ever need to do the whole changing batteries ritual. well, at least until its rated 500 cycles are up.

The Magic Charger cost $49.90 a pop and is available on Mobee Technology web store.

Mobee Technology The Magic Charger 544x328px
(credit: Mobee)

LEGO Lunchbox 8 lets you lunch in (LEGO) style

Plast Team LEGO Lunchbox 8 544x538px
(credit: Plast Team) LEGO Lunchbox 8 | about £9.90 |

if you are still packing lunch to work or school, here is a fun way to do it: pack them into this fun LEGO Lunchbox. this oversized eight-stud brick is made to safely store almost any food, except for minestrone (i.e. soup). made from polypropylene (PP), the LEGO Lunchbox measures 20 x 10 x 7.5 centimeters and it’s worth noting that this is not a knock-off product, it is an officially licensed LEGO product manufactured by storage specialist, Plast Team. available in host of colors, including our favorite red. the LEGO Lunchbox 8 retails for £$9.90 (or US$16) and is available on both Amazon UK and Firebox.

Plast Team LEGO Lunchbox 8 544x488px
(credit: Plast Team)

The Cosmonaut is a cute, fat capacitive touchscreen stylus

The Cosmonaut 544x308px
(credit: screenshot from The Cosmonaut video) The Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus | from US$1.00 |

tired of skinny pen-like stylus? then i bet you’re going to dig this. from the folks who brought you the glif, is this adorable wide-grip stylus dubbed The Cosmonaut. the Cosmonaut is not actually a Russian Astronaut but a simple adorably fat, soft grip stylus that reminiscent of a dry erase marker. according to Dan and Tom, writing or doodling on the tablet is nothing like writing on traditional paper, but it is more akin to writing on the whiteboard. which makes a lot sense as our palm can’t touch the screen – which is precisely what you don’t do on a whiteboard. Continue reading The Cosmonaut is a cute, fat capacitive touchscreen stylus

Dr. Shuuuuuut pacifier makes giving medicine to baby easier

Dr Shuuuuuut Pacifier 544x358px
(credit: Nicolas Moussallem)

the daunting task of giving medicine to your baby is addressed by Sippy Sure, but there’s an alternative by the way of medicine dispensing pacifier. this concept pacifier, dubbed Dr. Shuuuuuut, by designer Nicolas Moussallem incorporates a special chamber to hold the medicine. simply place the capsule inside and turn the cap. the motion will result in exploding the capsule which tiny amount will be slowly ingested by the baby as it sucks on the pacifier. hmmm, won’t the bitterness of some medication be detected by the baby? apparently not so, as the amount is so tiny that the baby won’t notice. well, i’m not a baby anymore, so i won’t know for sure. Continue reading Dr. Shuuuuuut pacifier makes giving medicine to baby easier

new MacBook Pro sports higher power USB ports

macbook pro 544x320px
(credit: Apple)

it may surprise some that there is an unpublicized feature in the new MacBook Pro, that is, it sports an extra 1600 mA of current in its USB ports. the higher current means your iPad could be charged up as fast as they would from a standard wall socket. for the uninitiated, the 1600 mA is extra on top of the existing 500 mA, making it a total of 2100 mA. i don’t know about the rest, but it is certainly a welcome addition as i just got my new MacBook Pro to replace my two year own unibody. Continue reading new MacBook Pro sports higher power USB ports

Stadler Form Q-fan puts a big Q around a fan

Stadler Form Q-fan 544x338px
(credit: Stadler Form) Stadler Form – Q Fan | €133.60 |

unlike most people who embrace air-conditioning unit, i favor fans more. perhaps that’s why i love the Dyson Air Multiplier so dearly and despite of it’s price, i got myself one. if you are also a fan of fans (sound weird, isn’t it?) but not so much of a blade-less person, the Stadler Form Q Fan might appeal to you. frankly, it is one of the coolest fan i have seen to date. crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and designed by Swiss Carlo Borer, the Q is in the shape of… well… the letter ‘Q’. the tip of ‘Q’ holds up the fan which would otherwise be rolling round. it is definitely going to be a conversational piece. the Stadler Form Q Fan retails for €133.60 or US$192.41 and is available over at check it out.

Stadler Form via Uncrate

stop poking your fellow pedestrians with BLUNT umbrella

BLUNT Umbrellas 544x288px
(credit: BLUNT) BLUNT Umbrella | from US$75.00 |

people who uses umbrella will be familiar with either accidental poking or being poked by other users, especially in a crowded street. we are not talking about Facebook’s poking but real stabs that may otherwise blind a person. thank goodness that there are Blunt umbrellas that has blunt tips that “evenly distribute the outward force along the edge of the canopy”, plus preventing users from hurting each other. seriously, this should be the standard for umbrellas. price for BLUNT umbrella starts from $75 and are available via BLUNT web store.

via CrunchGear

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