What happens if a vampire loves the water? Well, I think he/she would love what designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton have done. The two designers have come together to design a coffin… float. Yup. That’s a floating coffin right there. Aptly called Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin, this is as functional as a pool toy, as it is an art piece, fit for the sea or just about any pool.

Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin Pool Toy

No doubt, perfect for blood suckers (literal ones, that is) who prefer snoozing on water over desolated castle and dark basement. The obvious boon is, Drac can dive straight into the water the moment he wake up. How awesome is that? Pink Coffin is a real thing, btw. It is basically a regular inflatable that comes in the shape of a traditional coffin – complete with a lid which, again, is perfect for sunlight-fearing blood suckers.

Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin Pool Toy

As for mortal beings, it is, well, just super fun. The shape makes it fun and so is the color pink. Don’t like pink? No worries, my friends, dropped a little more and you can have a limited edition gold coffin (not real gold, unfortunately) or a non-vampire-friendly clear version.

Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin Pool Toy

Speaking of dropping your hard earned dough… Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin is indeed something you can buy (yay!). It is now on Kickstarter where you can pre-order one for $120-340, depending on how many you want, or $399 for the gold or clear edition.

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P.S. while fun, it must be a pain trying to climb up that thing. No?

Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin Pool Toy

Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin Pool Toy

Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin Pool Toy

Images: Pom Pom Floats.

Source: designboom.

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