remember ViewMaster? well, the Poppy (no relation to opium or that alluring red flora) is kind of like the ViewMaster, but instead of reels, your iPhone will be the thing you will be viewing and shooting with. the principle behind Poppy is the age-old technology known as stereoscopic where two images are merged optically to create the 3D effect. so the Poppy is essentially an optical device for your iPhone that lets you do two things: one, view 3D stills and videos (such as those on YouTube) and two, capture stills and videos in 3D. the best part is, Poppy will work with any photo or video app. however, if you prefer a more “well rounded” app, the team behind Poppy has also a dedicated iOS app written just for Poppy that will let you capture 3D images and videos, save them to your iPhone’s photo album, upload your 3D masterpiece to YouTube, browse your own 3D content as well as those on YouTube – all via an easy to use controls.

your captured images and videos can then be shared on the web, allowing your family and friends to view them with a Poppy or any media using Anaglyph glasses like the red/blue glasses. there are no batteries, no electronics involved – it is just the sturdy ABS plastic, mirrors and glasses. plain and simple. it is probably not the thing you would bring out with you on daily basis, but this accessory will sure injects more fun into your iPhonegraphy experience. compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and even the fifth generation iPod Touch (but not this one), the Poppy is available through Kickstarter campaign for just $49. catch a pledge video after the break to learn more.

Poppy via GeekWire

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