TechPOT Intelligent Flowerpot

If the title sounds a little too good to be true, well, all we can say is,we are equally awe by the concept. Nevertheless, it is an interesting proposition that we have yet see anyone put forward and therefore, we thought it would be worthy of a mention. The product in question is called TechPOT. As you might have guessed, TechPOT isn’t your run of the mill flowerpot. This is a high-tech pot that will (get ready for it), light-up to indicate the health of your plant and to do so, it is loaded with sensors to measure the temperature, humidity, light and soil moisture level. When you are physically with the plant, the pot lights up green to indicate it is healthy, or orange if something is amiss, or red if something urgent needs to be done to keep it from kicking the bucket (the plant, not you).

TechPOT Intelligent Flowerpot

It will be connected to web (presumably via your home wireless network) and pushes your plant’s cry for help to you wirelessly to your mobile device, which again, presumably via a dedicated app. It is a self-watering pot, which we assume it will have a built in reservoir or rigged to some water outlet (looks it will have the former), and it will even ‘move’ itself to a lighted place if it isn’t in one and it needed light. Well, the latter is a little off the chart, but we will give the product a benefit of the doubt that it actually can move. But that’s not all. It is also a WiFi hotspot too, helping to extend your home network coverage and there’s even plan to include motion sensor(s) so it could watch over your home when you’re alway. How’s that for a high-tech pot for you?

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We have received numerous hat tips, this one is by far the most interesting (but not necessarily promising one) proposition cos’ it sounds a little out-of-this-world that a pot could do so many things. We don’t mean to be skeptical. We like to think that nearly every tech-related things is possible, but still, it will be a challenge. It will be interesting to see how it will work out. If you are all up for it, you can learn more about TechPOT over at their website. In the mean time, there is a self-explanatory (kind of) animated video below that will feed you with more information.

submitted via TIP US page.