here’s little something from Ralph Lauren that should set long-time fans’ heart go all fluffy. Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater is making a come back on the September 27 – today – for both men and women. to be sold under RL Vintage, the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater was first introduced in 1991 based on the design inspired by a collectible Steiff teddy bear wearing a miniaturized Ralph Lauren clothing. now, a bit more about this cuddly little bear. it was created as a birthday present for Mr. Lauren by his team in the early years of Polo Ralph Lauren Company. the bear would wear actual outfit he had worn. every year, a bear was created with each sporting a different outfit. over the years, the designer label boss have amassed many Steiff bears, but he was far from being contented with just himself owning these unique teddies and hence, Lauren started making them available to his customers, albeit in limited numbers, due to their hand-tailored nature.

being a customer-orientated person, the boss started thinking of how to let the bear reach out to more customers and that was when the idea of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater was born. naturally, both the teddies and the sweaters are out of production since… until today, well, at least for the sweater. the modern day iteration of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater features a Steiff teddy motif, which you see above and below this post, based on the people choice and will be available online as part of RL Vintage’s “Bring It Back” campaign. prices are unknown at this point. last check on the RL Vintage web store about few minutes ago turns out nothing, perhaps it would appear at a later time today? well, your guess is as good as ours. but if you are absolutely keen, then it is best to keep your eyes peeled on their online shop. it may just turn up anytime soon.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater

RL Vintage via Hypebeast

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