if you have the means to acquire one or two of the world’s most expensive objects, you probably put in your trophy room then actually use them and we believe this particular surfboard crafted by New Zealander Roy Stuart, dubbed the Rampant Wooden Surfboard, would be one of them. why? because it is so beautiful that you probably won’t want any saltwater on it and because it reportedly cost a whopping $1.3 million. that said, we are not even sure if it is for sale. in any case, there is no denying that the Rampant Wooden Surfer is a work of art that deserves as much time in your art room as it would have conquering the waves, but look aside, there are much surf tech put into it. it has a torsion box construction that maintains the stiffness while keeping the weight down (31 lbs or 14 kilograms, if you really must know).

Rampant Wooden Surfboard By Roy Stuart

the board’s wood is of Paulownia, which is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and fast-growing nature, and are intentionally set an oblique angle. it took the master surfboard craftsman two years to derive to the 10′ 6″ surfboard you see here today. the board’s bumpy leading edge vertical fin is aided by a hydrofoil-like, 6″ Vort-X tunnel fin crafted out of the heartwood of the Kahikatea tree that’s indigenous to New Zealand. this Vort-X is said to aid the board in slicing through the surf board at up to 35 mph (30 knots or 56 km/h) and it is aligned with the axis of the surfboard hull, thus negating any added resistance to roll, said Stuart. like we said earlier, we are not even sure if it is up for grab, but if you are really keen on dropping a million plus for a piece of wave-cutting art, you can touch base with Roy Stuart for more information.

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Rampant Wooden Surfboard By Roy Stuart

Rampant Wooden Surfboard By Roy Stuart

via Woodworking Network via Luxury Launches

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