Rotimatic Flatbread Maker

baking robots aren’t new, but they are restricted to commercial use at a very large scale, but now, a Singapore-based company wants to bring robots into your home to help you bake and this robot, aptly dubbed Rotimatic, only bakes one thing: roti aka flatbread. so it is kind of a specialist, which is kind of a big deal because specializing often means perfection. the very mention of robots often conjures up the image of a machine complete with head, torso and arms that does the kneading and stuff, but it is not. instead, Rotimatic looks like a regular kitchen appliance that looks like a mash between a blender and a baking oven, and the process of churning out the flatbread is conceal away under the elegant enclosure with no mess to deal with. the device has three hoppers where the main ingredients of flatbread goes into. the machine pulls the flour, oil and water together from the hoppers, mix them into a dough and baking it into a roti in just one minute.

it does not have fancy app to go with it like most appliances do today, but it does have a LCD where you takes control of how you want your roti to be. you can dictate the thickness, softness, quantity of oil, the type of flour and baking duration to cook up the perfect flatbread that suits your taste bud. and for serious dough fans, you’d be glad this robot is also pretty apt in making doughballs and poori sized flour discs too. now before you get all too excited about this latest development in flatbread making and starts digging your credit card for it, you have to understand that such technology comes at a price – a pretty hefty one, if we might add, especially considering it only bakes one kind of food. anywho, the book is now open for pre-order and for the lucky few, you will be able to secure one for $599, but if you miss that ‘limited quantity special pre-order price’, you are looking at a $999 machine for your kitchen countertop, which you’d be using it everyday to justify the investment. keep going for an all-you-need-to-know-about-Rotimatic product video.

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Rotimatic via Engadget