Razer x Clearbot Automated Ocean Cleaning Robot

While many companies claim sustainability, going as far as not giving packing a charger with the phone in the name of environmental concern, Razer is doing it in a more tangible way.

The gaming lifestyle company’s latest green endeavor is somewhat unexpected. It is a fully automated ocean cleaning robot.

For this ocean clean up project and to celebrate World Oceans Day, Razer has revealed its partnership with sustainability startup Clearbot to “redefine the way we clean our oceans.

Razer has, together with Clearbot’s prototype, developed a newly designed and fully automated ocean cleaning robot. This robot featured cutting edge AI and machine learning capabilities to enable it to detect and collect marine plastic within two meters, even in rough waters.

Each this seafaring robot can collect up to 250 kilograms (551 lbs) of plastics in one cycle and doing so while running on solar-powered energy.

Razer x Clearbot Automated Ocean Cleaning Robot isn’t the first robot for clearing the ocean of marine plastic waste. Netherlands’ Waste Sharks and The Ocean Cleanup – just to name a couple, are in the business of getting rid of waste from the ocean.

However, in the case of The Ocean Cleanup, it uses a big vessel and not quite a small robot to take a stab at the one of the sources of ocean pollution: the rivers. Suzuki, too, is helping to clear micro plastic waste from the ocean, but not quite in a way we may have imagined.

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Anyways, if anyone’s interested, you can learn more about Clearbot or participate in the program HERE. You can also learn more about Razer’s commitment into a green future HERE.

Meanwhile, here’s a video regarding the collaboration between Razer and Clearbot revealed a couple of days ago:

Images: Razer.