When you were a kid, you probably had dreamed of being a pilot because you thought you could one day pilot a X-Wing Fighter. Now that you are all grown up, reality sets in; you know that X-Wing Fighter defies the law of aerodynamics and hence, it will never be a real aircraft, much less one that does dogfight in the deep black space and so, the Real Life Hot Wheels X-Wing Car you see here is probably the closest thing you will ever get to a X-wing fighter. Even then that is an impossibility as far as ownership is concern cos’ this particularly exciting custom ride is one-of-a-kind. In other words, no amount of money in the world will be able to get it.

Real Life Hot Wheels X-Wing Car

That said, the best you and I can do is to admire it from a distance, through videos and images, or up close and personal at the San Diego Comic Con where it is currently on display. And in case you missed it, this isn’t the tiny die-cast model you find in Toys R’ Us or local toy stores; it is a real life example that’s completely functional. Oops. Did we just made every Star Wars fans out there felt even worst, didn’t we? Sorry, it’s our bad. We apologize, but rest assure we feel you, because we are probably farther away from this awesome ride then most of you are.

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If anything, you guys should feel bad for us, or rather, for me. Arghhh. I should stop reminding myself of the cruel reality. I hope the videos will help me forget that fact, or at least ease the pain. Though we cannot discount the possibility that it may add salt to the wound. Maybe you should just go ahead and catch the videos. We just can’t bear to watch…

Images: Hot Wheels.

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