Sharp Shooter to please fans of PS3 shooter games

Sony Playstation Sharp Shooter Gun Attachment 544px
(image credit: Sony) Sony Sharp Shooter | US$40.00 |

playstation 3 shooter game fans looking to improve their game play experience can probably get this soon-to-be released gun attachment for Sony playstation MOVE motion controller and navigation controller. personally, i thought it looks a little less realistic than the ICON Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle, but if sub-machine guns are you’re kind of thing, then Sharp Shooter might be your weapon of choice.

from Sony Playstation, and not from any third party manufacturer, i am certain that the Sharp Shooter will fit the MOVE and navigation controllers without flaw. the gun attachment features pump loading action for that extra realism and adjustable stock which should be perfect for shooters of any sizes. one thing that bugs me is how awkward the lighted ping pong ball looks on the attachment. priced at $40, it is set to be released in February 2011.


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