It is not fair to say there aren’t any innovation in razors; there are, but none of those are as mind-blowing as what you about to read about. Which brings us to this question: how does laser, instead of steel blades, for mowing down your facial hair sounds to you? High-tech? And perhaps, a little dangerous? Thanks to Hollywood’s portrayal of limb-cutting “security trip wires”? Well, don’t let those and the fictional Stark Industries’s “arc reactor” powered variety scare you off because Skarp Laser Razor is a real razor that uses special laser that promised to remove your unwanted hairs without nicking your skin, nor will it inflict razor burn or cause infection – unless you are one of those rare beings who happen to be “allergic” to laser, or technology in general.

Skarp Laser Razor

Though, the company behind it did add that the wavelength has no UV and the laser is too low power to be able to cause any collateral damage. Besides, the laser beam only deal with the hair and not your skin, so it shouldn’t pose any risk. And to further quell any fear you may have, the laser beam only “melt” through the hair upon contact with the hair and doing so at skin level, leaving you with a smooth skin. If Skarp Laser Razor lives up to its promises, we men can say goodbye to scruffy skin and possibly, to aftershave. And oh, did we mention that you can even shave without water? And since it requires no blade replacement, it means you will generated less trash too.

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Each of these high-tech razor’s laser beam can last for 50,000 hours and is powered by a single AAA battery that’s good for around a month use. So how much will it cost to take your daily grooming into the future? $189 is what you are looking at. It’s no doubt pricey, but looking at the overwhelming response it is getting on Kickstarter, I am guessing many men have had enough of stainless steel blades. Continue reading for the product pitch video to learn more.

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