smart for-us concept electric pickup truck

smart for-us concept electric pickup truck
(photos: Daimler) smart for-us concept electric pickup truck | US$tba |

i bet you didn’t think a pickup truck would be plausible from auto maker smart and better yet, an useful compact utility that will not make any lady look too manly. to this day, pickup trucks are reserved for the hardworking men who uses them as their daily workhorses but it is obvious that the smart for-us concept electric pickup truck does not belong to that category. targeted at the young and the young-at-heart who lead an active lifestyle, the smart for-us is formulation of cool design, eco-friendliness, practical loading, and compactness that is essential in this 21st century urban traffic condition. despite its compact dimension of just 3547mm (11.6 feet) long, 1506mm (4.9 feet) wide and 1701mm (5.6 feet) tall, it still boast an useable 900mm (3 feet) cargo area.

the smart for-us is fitted with a 55kW magneto-electric motor with a healthy 130 Nm (96 lb-ft) of torque that promised to offer a lag-free acceleration and a top speed exceeding 120 km/h. other features include a wider stance, electrically operated tailboard, slide-down tailgate, smartphone integrated rear-view mirror, hammock-style shell seats, and a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery that provides the juice. the idea of a smart pickup truck begs for our attention and though aesthetically, it has the same effect on us but we find that it has an uncanny resemblance to the Mini Countryman. sorry, we just can’t help it. the smart for-us concept electric pickup truck will make its world premier at the North American International Auto Show (Detroit Motor Show). for the lucky souls who could be at the NAIAS, you will have an opportunity to get a glimpse of this beautiful concept in person but for those who can’t, simply roll past the jump and feast yourself on a gallery of renders and concept sketches.

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