When it comes to the holiday season, no businesses and manufacturers will want to miss on the opportunity bank on the holiday season shopping craze. This is true everywhere that celebrates Christmas and that obviously includes the U.S. As it turns out, not only China giants like Haier, Hisense and TCL understands this; Xiaomi, the one of the world’s largest phone makers, is not going to miss out this once-a-year golden opportunity outside of their home base. For the uninitiated, Xiaomi is not just about handsets you can’t get in the U.S. you hear so often; it also makes a gazillion of other products, including educational toys, home appliances, and a bunch of other electronics.

In a sense, Xiaomi is like the Sony of China. It dabbles in every aspect of the market. When I said “every aspect,” I do mean every aspect. So, why is it important for us, the consumers? If you don’t already know, most of their products are value for money while not sacrificing form. And that brings us to this pretty wonderful news: Xiaomi is quietly bump up its product portfolio in the stateside, introducing five new products just in time for this holiday season.

The five gadgets include a 360-degree camera, a robot building R/C toy, a high-capacity power bank, a pair of audio cans and a pair of audio earbuds. As you can see, these are carefully selected products that have the potential of gather interests from gift buyers. This fact is even more clear when you look at the respective products’ price point. Keep going to pick up some details.

Mi Sphere Camera Kit ($299.99)
Mi Sphere Camera Kit
First up is this 360 FoV camera with 23.88 MP resolution image sensor that offers a pretty impressive 6,912 x 3,456 resolution. It can do up to 75 minutes of video recording in 3.5K and supports up to 3,456 x 1,728/30fps or 2,304 x 1,152/60fps. Coupled with its sleek, minimalist enclosure that has a IP67 rating and 6-axis electronic image stabilization (EIS), Mi Sphere Camera Kit is an ideal imaging device for just about any outdoor activities.

10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank Pro ($29.99)
10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank Pro
Also first in the U.S. is this super high-capacity power bank, Mi Power Bank Pro, that packs an astounding 10,000 mAh and in the form factor no bigger than a 5-inch smartphone, coming at in at 0.5 x 5.1 x 2.9 inches. With it, you can charge an iPhone 7 four times over and thanks to two-way fast charging that get up to 18W, it promised to keep your mobile devices topped fast – all in a sleek, minimal aluminum case that reeks with style.

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Mi Robot Builder Building Kit R/C Toy ($139.99)
Mi Robot Builder Building Kit R/C Toy
For kids, here’s a robot builder building kit that is also a R/C toy. With 978 individual parts, your child is granted the creativity to create an aircraft, a dinosaur, or a self-balancing rolling robot. It is programmable through easy to use modular graphic programming interface, so your young ones can dictate the robot’s behavior and when all is done, it can be remotely controlled via a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS.

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Earbuds ($25.99)
Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Earbuds
The most affordable product of the lot, the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro comes in silver and inline control with built-in microphone for music controls and taking calls. It features patented hybrid dynamic and balanced armature drivers that promised to deliver “unparalleled sound,” aerospace-grade metal diaphragm for “deep resonating bass,” metal sound chamber, supports hi-res audio, and acoustically tuned by Grammy Award tuner, Luca Bignardi.

Mi Over-ear HiFi Stereo Headset ($129.99)
Mi Over-ear HiFi Stereo Headset
Last but not the least is the Mi Over-ear HiFi Stereo Headset, a foldable, phone-friendly audio cans which boasts features like graphene construction, passive radiator, supports hi-res audio, closed-type over-ear design for maximum noise isolation, aluminum sound chamber, polyurethane headband and ear cups, 32 ohm impedance for “a natural and balanced sound,” and a 8.5 oz light weight design that’s also collapsible for easy storage and transportation.

There you have it, the five new gadgets from Xiaomi that are now available to the U.S. markets, ready in exchange for smiles on your family and friends’ faces.

Images: Xiaomi.

via Android Authority.

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