Gamecube Dock for Nintendo Switch by Rated-e Mods

Oh, look, someone had made two much loved Nintendo come together as one. Meet the GameCube Dock for Nintendo Switch, a lovely hack/mod executed beautifully by YouTuber Rated-e Mods, AKA Dorison Hugo. In a video posted four days ago, Rated-e Mods, with the help of a smooth voice over that sounds those you will heard in an infomercial program, show you how it is done. The video is fairly long running over 18 minutes and so, you can expect a lot of details which I will not be regurgitating here. It just makes no sense. I am no pro. Rated-e Mod is.

Gamecube Dock for Nintendo Switch by Rated-e Mods

Anyways, in case you have the same love for Switch as GameCube, you may just dig this mod. Without going too much into details, what Hugo did was take an old GameCube case, weave a little electronic magic and voila!, a GameCube Dock for Nintendo Switch is born, complete with working controller ports so you can relive your good’ol GameCube days with GameCube controller, playing Switch games. How cool is that? I’d say it is super cool.

If want cobble up one together, be warn that it is as easy as it looks, besides, not everyone has a 3D printer lying around as it appears to be one of the requisite. Well, enough of my chattering. Skip ahead for the said video, or if you are super impatient like yours truly here, then may I suggest that you head straight to the Rated-ed Mods YouTube video page and check out the description for the time codes of the different steps that may interest you.

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Images and source: Kotaku.