Sony Playstation 3 slim to get new satin silver paint job

Sony PS3 Slim in Satin Silver 544x380px
(image credit: SCEI) Sony PS3 Satin Silver | from ¥29,980.00 |

throughout the history of Playstation console, one thing we learned is that Sony will not be contented with just one color for its console and the latest incarnation will be no exception too. currently, the PS3 slim is available in either black or white, and since a couple of months ago, we saw the limited edition Gran Turismo 5 model in the sexy titanium blue hue. come this March, it will receive yet another new paint job, this time in satin silver.

the satin silver, Japan-only (again…) model will be available in 160 GB and 320 GB, and each will come bundled with a matching Dual Shock 3 controller. the satin silver PS3 slim will cost ¥29,980 (about US$364) and ¥34,980 (about US$425) for the 160 GB and 320 GB model respectively. fans outside of Japan will have to wait it out cos’ there are no words on when the satin silver PS3 slim will be launched outside of Japan.

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Sony PS3 Slim in Satin Silver 640x444px Sony PS3 Slim in Satin Silver 640x444px

via Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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