SOUL Usain Bolt’s Run Free In-Ear Headphones

SOUL Usain Bolt's Run Free In-Ear Headphones
not content with collaborating with just a NFL player, SOUL Electronics has teamed up with Olympic gold medal winner, Usain Bolt to create a customizable in-ear headphones designed specifically for runners. so you must be pondering: ‘what a track and field dude has to do with anything remotely audiophile?’ well, for starter, the SOUL Usain Bolt’s Run Free In-Ear Headphones, as it is called, is the result of the input from the “world’s fastest man” in respect to what would make the idea audio earphones for runners. it’s natural, ain’t it? you have to hear from the horses’ mouth in order know what’s in it. the SOUL Usain Bolt’s Run Free In-Ear Headphones features comfy and flexible ear hooks that can be adjusted to suit all ear shapes and sizes, thus eliminating the chances of earbuds falling out during vigorous exercises, tangle-free audio cable with Apple inline remote for smartphone functions and music controls, a sweat-resistance design, Bluetooth v2.1, advanced driver and circuitry design, cord manager and gold-plated connector. basically, what you are getting is the superb sound SOUL has been known for, made for the rigor of your daily workout – assuming you are one of those athletic person. you can own it for $169.95 a pair, available via SOUL Electronics web store, in a choice of black or black/green colorways.

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