Squirrel with a Gun Video Game by Daniel DeEntremont

Living the life of a goat, going around head-butting people, and crashing in on people’s birthday parties is hilarious. So is a pig that does the same mayhem while on a skateboard. But do you know what else is even more hilarious? A Squirrel with a Gun.

Squirrel with a Gun is not a Hollywood movie or direct-to-DVD animation. It is an upcoming video game about, well, a squirrel with a gun, duh. I think the premise is pretty much the same as the Goat Simulator.

Oh, you ask what’s the premise? Oh, just pure nonsensical fun. You know, like things you would do when high on weed but only you play it out sober and as a gun-toting squirrel. Yeah. That definitely sounds like something that would crack me up. Can’t wait to see Markiplier have a go with it.

The brainchild of the game is Daniel DeEntremont. I can’t tell if it’s a company name or an individual. It is definitely an indie game, though. It is described as a “sandbox game that focuses on exploration and shooting combat”. While so, dear old squirrel here is also capable of tiny hand-to-hand combat too.

Squirrel with a Gun Video Game by Daniel DeEntremont

It appears that this game lets you choose your adventure. You can choose to be your friendly neighborhood squirrel, helping the residents in exchange for goodies, or be a total jackass squirrel and straight-up rob them of the goodies.

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The game has a play on Matrix’s infamous Agent Smith too, just known as Agents. These men in black appear to be one of the main antagonists of the game. The game also involves a lot of climbing and jumping and also using the recoil of a gun to reach great heights or cross wider gaps.

If all of these do not sound like one hilarious game, we don’t know what is. Also, we can easily determine that it will indeed be a hilarious game when it stated the release date as “Good question!”.

Squirrel with a Gun Video Game by Daniel DeEntremont

Images: Steam (Daniel DeEntremont).

via Kotaku.