Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks

Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks
Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks | £19.99 |

if you find your regular alarm sounds a little dated, then it probably is. so it is high time to make the switch to something else, like these Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks. needless to say, you will probably have to be a huge Star Wars to be sold by them. available in three iconic guises: C-3PO, Stormtrooper and the (very) hairy hero, Chewbacca, each of these clocks feature its own unique wake up message. for example, if you like the trademark ‘grrrffff‘ and ‘argggghhhhh‘ growl of Chewy then grab yourself the Chewbacca version or if you prefer the golden droid’s greeting (backed by R2-D2 chirping) then the C-3PO is for you. styled in a traditional two-bell alarm clock design, it features a clock face adorned by graphic of its corresponding Star Wars character and a body paint job in enamel finish, also corresponding to the character’s color. we have our eyes on the gold one (that’s C-3PO, if you haven’t already notice) but the Chewy is also getting much of our attention with its flurry covers on the bells. as for the bells, they are there purely for aesthetic and completeness as they are totally non-functional. surely, you don’t expect those bells to talk, or did you? the Star Wars Talking Alarm Clocks can be yours to own for £19.99 each or around US$31, based on Google’s advice. check out a short video demo after the break.

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