Stargate Einstein-Rosen Bridge Portal by Kristian Tysse

You can not remember anything about Stargate, but no one will ever forget the Einstein-Rosen bridge portal device that enables near-instantaneous travel between two distant locations. The gate itself is just about as iconic as pop culture icons emerged in the 90s.

Stargate Einstein-Rosen Bridge Portal by Kristian Tysse

While a portal like such never exist (or is it, really?), this futuristic travel device has been the subject of prop makers and fans. You probably has seen some over the years, but this scaled replica of the portal gate by Kristian Tysse is probably the most impressive.

Kristian not only created a scaled replica of the iconic gate, but it is also “functional.” Well, “functional” as in it has gimmicks. You know, with motions, lights and sound effects.

Leveraging on 3D printing technology, infinity mirror, a bunch of electronics that does not make sense to a slow person like me, and no less than 122 RGB LEDs, Kristian has created a beautiful replica of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge Portal complete with effects (movement, lights and even sounds!) that any true fans of the franchise will ever want.

Stargate Einstein-Rosen Bridge Portal by Kristian Tysse

It even comes with a Dial Home Device, aka DHD, a replica of the original pedestal shaped computer – complete with two concentric sets of 19 buttons and a central activation button.

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Keying the correct symbols will trigger the ring to set in position and lights up, and eventually when the entire sequence is entered, it will fire up the wormhole. The latter is replicated by the infinity mirror.

Kristian’s creation is really a sight to behold. Keep going for walk through of the system and to see the gate in action.

Images: YouTube (Kristian Tysse).

via Hackaday.