we seen our fair share solar charger, but the StrongVolt SmartCharger you see here is not your typical solar chargers; it solves two common problems associated with current solar chargers in the market. first, it has a patent-pending SunTrack technology that allows the StrongVolt to go into standby mode when the sun is not available (such as being momentarily blocked by clouds or you walked into a shade) and automatically resume charging once the sun is back. this may come as a surprise, but this is apparently an inherent problem with current solar charging offerings. those chargers will still work, but not without having to disconnect the charger and reconnecting it again, which can be quite a hassle, especially when the sun comes and go in a typical cloudy day.

second, it promised to deliver a constant and stable power source, ensuring picky devices such as iOS devices, will not serve you with a “charger not supported” notice. apart from that, we thought the integrated switch which allows you to choose the type of device you want to charge is a nifty addition; something which you don’t find in today’s charging devices, let along solar chargers. the latter, will automatically output the correct amount of power necessary to charge the chosen device, thereby ensuring optimal charging performance. the StrongVolt SmartCharger Solar Charger has since raises over $50k on Kickstarter with over 700 backers, which means if you back up this project, you are essentially pre-ordering the SmartCharger.

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prices of the StrongVolt SmartCharger Solar Charger start at $35 for the 3W model with SunTrack technology and runs up to $140 for the 18W model, also with SunTrack technology. between them, there are 7W, 10W, and 12W models to choose from.

StrongVolt SmartCharger Solar Charger

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