getting a pristine condition early NSX with low mileage is as rare as hen’s teeth (well, may be not that rare, still…), let alone one owned by the late icon of Formula One racing, Aryton Senna. by itself, a 1992 Honda NSX is considered a gem in the motoring world and one being own by Aryton Senna just makes even more desirable, well… at least for motor racing enthusiasts, in particular, Formula One fans. the good news is, you will have a shot at owning this rare ride when it goes under the hammer at the Race Retro & Classic Car Sale auction organized by Silverstone Auctions, where it is expected to fetch between £75,000 and £85,000 (approximately US$124,300-141,000).

bearing a T000999 chassis number, this beautiful black example is powered by a 276 hp 3.0-liter V6 engine, mated to a five-speed stick shift, naturally and sports a matching black leather interior in what appears to be superb condition. not surprising for the pristine condition, as this is one of the three NSXes Ayrton Senna owned and this one being a gift presented to him by his manager Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga while Senna was residing in Portugal. after the passing of the race car legend, this particular example had remained covered, under the car of Braga and was never allowed to be touched or driven. after which it had seen just another two ownerships for a short period of time, which explains why this beauty has only 31,800 miles on the odometer.

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a little known fact is, Senna was actually involved in the development of the car at the time when he was racing for Honda McLaren F1 team and thus, the car bears his recommendations including stiffening of the aluminum monocoque and also, this particular car is of the same specification picked by Ayrton Senna for one of the two he then own. on the surface, it may just look like just another awesome modern day classic supercar, but the fact is the Ayrton Senna 1992 Honda NSX is anything but ordinary; it is a symbol and spirit of motorsport. more look after the break.

Silverstone Auctions via Jalopnik

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