It’s August now, which means we are a month closer to the next iPhone unveiling. Unlike Steve Jobs’ time, Apple devices have been getting a lot of “leaks” in recent years. Not sure if this was intentional to keep the hype alive or not, but one thing for sure, rumors are in abundance. Rumors, if you don’t already know, includes the much controversial lack of audio jack, along with speculation about relocation of the antenna band, a dual lens camera setup, and even the color. No one knows for sure how reliable are the rumors, but if the post-Jobs history has anything to teach us is, they are mostly real. So much for Apple’s pride on secrecy, eh?

iPhone 7 Plus Mockup Set: Real or Fake?
You can clearly see the band up top and also note the contact on the back

Anywho, apparently, YouTube channel Unbox Therapy claims to have received a mock up of the supposed iPhone 7 from a China company who he said, sent to him exclusively, and the set turns out to sport most of the rumored features, or the lack thereof in the case of the headphone jack. The unit is in the rumored color, blue (looks like Cobalt Blue, no?) and it looks like it has another speaker at the place where the audio jack supposed to be. And then, there’s the dual lens camera and sports a clean back plate that no longer has that eye-sore antenna band. Unbox Therapy noted that it (the antenna band) is now along the top and bottom sides.

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iPhone 7 Plus Mockup Set: Real or Fake?
The current versus the supposed new iPhone 7 Plus

Last but not the least, there are set of contact points around the back which nobody has any idea what it is for. Perhaps it is for some kind of charging or dock for accessories like external keyboard? I don’t know. I guess we will have to wait for September to find out. As far as aesthetic is concern, those looking for a radically different design will be sorely disappointed cos’, as per rumored, the design remain largely the same as the iPhone 6/6s but with a thinner profile.

So there you have it, most of the rumors culminated in one supposed mockup set. But how legit is this? It is anybody’s guess. Personally, I believe it to be pretty real considering Apple’s unprecedented track record for “leaks” in recent years. Go ahead and take a look at the video.

images: screengrab from Unbox Therapy’s video.

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