Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept Model

The mention of Suzuki immediately brings to mind models like Swift, Jimny, Vitara, and Hayabusa. However, in Japan, Suzuki’s reputation extends beyond fast bikes and compact cars; it is known for its compact commercial vehicles, especially the Every van and the Carry line of trucks.

Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept Model

Perhaps you were aware of this, but what might surprise you is Suzuki’s appearance at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 with two commercial vehicles designed for leisure, making a clear statement: commercial vehicles aren’t just for business; they can be fun too.

One concept model showcased was the Spacia which is essentially a mobile kitchen for camping. The Spacia Papa Boku Kitchen, as it’s called, was intriguing, but what truly caught my eye was the Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept Model.

For those unfamiliar, the Carry is Suzuki’s lineup of compact pickup trucks with a van-like cab. The Super Carry is an extended cab variant offering more cab space but a shorter bed. The Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept Model is a highly modified Super Carry designed for off-roading. It resembles a post-apocalyptic vehicle straight out of Mad Max, and I absolutely love it.

Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept Model

The vehicle is protected by an external roll cage that extends to the rear and truck bed, featuring tubular front and rear bumpers, and tubular doors. It boasts four tow hooks, one at each corner, and a winch. It rides on a set of all-terrain tires mounted on custom rugged wheels, and atop, it sports a bar of LED lights and an external cargo space. At the rear, there is a spare wheel and tire, several gas cans, and other essentials.

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Inside the cabin, it’s as utilitarian as one would expect from a rugged vehicle. There are a pair of bucket seats in matching bright yellow with four-point harnesses, a passenger’s front handle wrapped in foam, a dashboard that appears to be coated with Rust-Oleum truck bed coating, a stick shift with a brush stick and ball knob, a tablet, a dash-mounted Explorer compass, an external gauge, and a power switch—its purpose is unclear.

The interior is rather sparse. The tubular doors are an interesting feature but pose the risk of items falling out during travel. Despite this, the concept is a cool demonstration of what a Super Carry could be beyond its typical commercial use for hauling stuff. A very cool concept indeed.

But the Super Carry is not a beast by any means. In stock form, it is powered by a 50 PS (49 HP) motor that turns out a modest 59 Nm (43.5 lb-ft) of torque, and while the showcar has a 5-speed manual gearbox, it is also available 4-speed automatic transmission. The truck further touts on-demand 4WD or differential lock for the 2WD model.

Unfortunately, though, the Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept Model is a concept and not for sale. If your region sells a Super Carry, it could serve as your aspiration if you are thinking of souping it up.

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