Somewhere between sports bike-style electric bike and the radical styling of Curtiss is this: Switch eSCRAMBLER. No prize for guessing why we are featuring it. Oh, you need a hint why? That’s because it is an absolutely looker.

The company behind it is Switch Motorcycles, started by Shanghai-based New Zealander Matthew Waddick and the bike design was penned by former Yamaha Japan designer and Danish flat track champion, Michel Riis.

Switch eSCRAMBLER Electric Motorcycle

Like electric cars, electric bike’s designs are normalizing too. This means, it is now more of replacing the fossil fuel-powered engine with an electric drive like we see in Skoda CITIGOe iV and Vauxhall Corsa-e for examples. Nothing radical, per se, like say hub motor or you know, tradition-breaking design.

In the case of the eSCRAMBLER, there’s no fancy hub motor. It had a mid-drive motor that puts out 50 kW (67 horses), with electrons fed to it from a power pack that is rated at 11 kWh “going up to 13 kWh.” That’s it. Nothing particularly radical and yet, it somehow look pretty amazing.

At a glance, Switch eScrambler looks like a regular gas-guzzling two-wheeler with a rather, over-the-top squared off edges, and it is a look that is not for everyone. Personally, I love it and hence, here I am talking about it.

Anywho… it will be a while before we will see one on the road. Switch is aiming to launch the road-legal eScrambler in 2022. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the design and whatnot in a BIKEEXIF article HERE.

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You may also want check more photos of this superlative electric motorcycle in the making at Switch Motorcycles’ Facebook and Instagram page.

Switch eSCRAMBLER Electric Motorcycle

Images: Switch Motorcycles.


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