Swoop The Owl lets you get comfy with your iPhone, on bed

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Swoop The Owl – Mobile Plush for iPhone & iPod Touch | from US$25.00 | www.swoopowl.com

we have seen many iPhone cases in the market, and many more of them sprouting out as we speak. however, the Swoop The Owl is the first that we have seen so far that allows it to be hugged – literally. Swoop The Owl is not an iPhone case per say but it’s a mobile plush toy that has a pocket with window to hold your iPhone or iPod Touch. with the iPhone seated snugly inside this windowed pocket up front of the plush owl, you can now use your iPhone on your bed or sofa without worrying about losing the phone within the sheets or cushions. ideal for those who tends to fall asleep while using their phone cos’ not only does the Swoop keeps it from losing your device in the abyss of sheets but it also protects it from knocks and bumps if it falls off the bed.
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remove the phone, and the Swoop can doubles as a pillow for those quick nap. of course, it’s cute and cuddly form means that you can let your kids use your phone while keeping it protected. Swoop The Owl is a seemingly simple concept but it does look pretty promising. it is designed to work with iPhone 4/3/3G, iPod Touch and Android devices (or any smartphone, for that matter) that has similar display size. Swoop The Owl is currently a prototype and it’s creators are seeking your support to make this product a reality via Kickstarter. if you believe in the Swoop, simply make a pledge of $25 or more to pre-order yours. check out Swoop the Owl’s Kickstarter page or their official website for more information.

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