Mighty Phone Fold Wallet for Smartphones

smartphone has become a huge part of our lives that we find it hard not to agree with a wallet-smartphone case combo. in case you are with us, this beautiful handcrafted product from London-based Hard Graft might be of an interest to you and looking at its beauty, why wouldn’t you be? the Mighty Phone Fold Wallet for Smartphones is pretty massive

LG Pocket Photo Printer

in case you missed it, this LG Pocket Photo Printer was showcased at the 2013 International CES earlier this year. as the name suggest, it is a palm-sized printer that let you print any stills captured by your smartphone via inkless paper. based on the zero ink (aka ZINK) technology, so there’s no cartridge to mess with which also

Samsung Game Pad Bluetooth Game Controller for Smartphones

official name it does not have, but that doesn’t dispel our excitement over what could be the first-party game controller from a giant electronic maker. showcased at the Samsung GALAXY S IV launch event last week is the Samsung Game Pad, a Bluetooth game controller to complement your Samsung

Thermodo – a tiny thermometer for your smartphone

having doubts about the current temperature that your favorite smartphone app tells you? for an average person, that inaccuracy is probably something one could live with, but for those who demands real temperature reading, you really need to check out the Thermodo, a tiny electrical thermometer

The Orobis Transform – a Lightning and microUSB hybrid cable

Apple is not the reigning portable gadget maker and hence, we don’t depend on Lightning cable all the time. so if you are like most of us here that has the need for both the Apple Lightning cable and a microUSB cable (common among non-Apple devices), then The Orobis Transform should help

DODOcase Nexus 7 Case

Google Nexus 7’s form factor makes it a handy multipurpose ebook reader and so, wouldn’t it be more awesome if it actually look like a book? that is exactly what DODOcase Nexus 7 Case will do for your beloved Nexus 7. available in Classic and Solid versions, these cases offer protection to your 7-inch tablet while infusing them with the fine craftsmanship…

PhoneJoy Play – Game Controller for Smartphones

touchscreen smartphone gaming is fun but it is not without flaws and one such noticeable flaw is the touch itself. since touch controls share the same real estate as your game, it tends to block out some part of your gaming display which is not good for your gaming experience. this is the part where the PhoneJoy Play game controller for smartphones can…

CableJive dockBoss air

the switch from the 30-pin to the Lightning connector has practically rendered many pre-iPhone 5 sound dock useless but that doesn’t mean they are as good as dead. in fact, with dockBoss air from CableJive your sound docks are far from dead and this nifty 1-inch square accessory will even make your sound dock more ‘sociable’. costing $34.95 a pop, the dockBoss…

SEIDIO OBEX Waterproof Case for S III

are you one of the 20 millions users of the Samsung GALAXY S III? if yes, Huston-based smartphone accessories maker, SEIDIO have just the product that will turn your otherwise fragile S III into one tough nut. meet the SEIDIO OBEX Waterproof Case for S III. unlike its namesake, it does more than just keep fluids out of your precious gadget. not only it is IP68 certified…

Natural Wood Cases for Samsung Galaxy S III

one thing that smartphone users can’t get enough are cases but sadly, the market has been flooded with cheap, look-like-each-other, plastic cases that though protects your precious devices, they just don’t cut it in the style and individualism departments. that’s even worst when it comes…