Custom Angry Birds Pinball Machine Will Make Even Non-fan Envious

Is Angry Birds still a thing? We are not sure, but for young lad Noel, it sure is. With the game being downloaded over 3 billion times, it won’t surprise us there is a solid fan base… even to this day. Anywho, not surprisingly, Noel was picked by creator of Super-Fan Builds as the one […]

8bitdo Desktop Arcade Joy Stick Is Retro Arcade Machine Done Right

If you into retro arcade gaming, you would probably want to play your favorite classics on the good’ol arcade cabinet, but then again, I am sure you certainly won’t mind if looks a little contemporary such as this one desktop arcade teased called Desktop Arcade Joy Stick by Hong Kong-based game peripheral maker 8bitdo. Though […]

Playcade Will Turn Your Game Console Into Tabletop Retro Arcade Rig

Good news, side-scrolling game fans, you can finally play your favorite fight game in true arcade style, regardless of your preferred platform – thanks to Singapore-based Re Arcade’s Playcade, a purpose designed cabinet kit that allows you to turn your old PC, laptop, consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, into an arcade cabinet with essential […]

If You Love Retro Games, You’re Going to Love This Retro Gaming Console

By today’s standard, retro games’ graphics are horrendous. Though so, they are still loved by many, including yours truly here. in fact, the pixelated graphics have now strangely become a thing of beauty. Anyways, if you are all up for some retro arcade gaming, we bet you’re going to dig the Arkabox retro gaming console. […]

Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Game is Probably the Closest You Will Ever Get to the ‘Real’ Star Wars Universe

if you are a huge Star Wars fan, you probably have, at one point in time, fantasied about piloting one of those awesome star ships even though you know they are frictional stuff. what? they are not real? yes. they are not real. everyone knows that, right? in fact some of them like the TIE […]

R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Lets You Take Your Arcade Gaming Anywhere

love arcade games? then we bet you are going to love the R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Gaming Device by Love Hulten. as with Love Hulten’s previous works, the R-Kaid-R is clad in an evergreen retro wooden enclosure and comes complete with the mandatory arcade machine-defining joystick and control buttons. on the spec-sheet, it has an 8-inch […]

Cupcade: Raspberry Pi-powered Micro Arcade Cabinet Kit

classic arcade games given a 21st century makeover can never be as authentic, so why not built yourself one real arcade cabinet that let you enjoy classics like Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, DigDug and more? too much hassle and too technical we hear you say? then why not start small, like really, really small, which […]

R-Kaid Revelation Gaming System by Love Hulten

you have admit that however you try customizing your PC, it somehow still look like ‘just another PC’. we can’t put our fingers on it, it just feel so. which is why, the R-Kaid Revelation Gaming System by Love Hulten easily stands out from the horde of custom rigs. it doesn’t have that futuristic look.

Vintage Arcade Skeeball

back in those days when electronics have yet to take the world over, fun comes in a more healthy way, such as using your arms to actually roll some balls for points. depending how strong is your desire for such good old fun (and how deep your pockets are), you may want one of these Vintage Arcade Skeeball machines

Replay Arcade

we just couldn’t get enough of the slot coin-operated, old school arcade machines, don’t we? never mind the fact that the resolution was on the extreme opposite end of today’s hi-definition graphics (read: pixelated) – it is the game play that had once captured our adolescent imaginations. decades on and we still fondly remember those coin-slotting hours that we had…