Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

we don’t do many golf carts here, but if we do, you can be sure it will be one heck of a (golf course) ride, like this Batman Tumbler Golf Cart that is currently on eBay going for a cool $17,500. it is listed as “used”, but still, it looks kind of too cute to resist. described by its seller as “one of a kind”, this Dark Knight’s golf course ride of choice started life as an EZ-Go Golf Cart

Batman Tumbler Replica for Gumball 3000 Rally

how would you spend 1.6 million dollars? plenty of ways, i guess. but for the folks at Team Galag, it means splurging all of it to put together a real life, road legal Batman Tumbler Replica. but why do they even want to do that? the reason is obvious: it is because they can and not only they can, they are going to put this awesome machine to the pace

Batmobile: The Complete History

besides the Dark Knight himself, the one other thing that captures our imagination would be his ride. the ride isn’t the batpod or the Lamborghini that billionaire Bruce Wayne drives around Gotham City, it is the Batmobile. made even more famous in recent years by Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the cape crusader. though Nolan’s…

Real-life Batmobile Tumbler That Actually Drives

pop question: what can you do with a chop saw, a reciprocating saw, a drill press, a Lincoln Electric power Mig welder and 4 years? no idea? well, you probably can construct a real-life batmobile tumbler. that’s what Bob Dullam did. i am totally astounded. just looking at the photos is enough to make me drool.