Real Life New Batman Adventures Batmobile

So many people have had their hands in building real-life Batmobiles. From the crudest and the ‘practical’ to 89’ classic to modern examples like Ben Affleck’s Batmobile and the Tumbler from The Dark Knight. Recently, a New Orleans man joined this exclusive club of real-life Bruce Wayne with his very own Batmobile.

Real Life New Batman Adventures Batmobile

Not just any Batmobile; it is a full-size replica of Batman’s ride as seen in New Batman Adventures DC animated series aired from 1997-1999. Al Burmaster is the man responsible for this beautiful, shiny New Batman Adventures’ Batmobile.

Build on a Corvette C4 with a 5.7L V8 power plant, Burmaster’s Batmobile stretches 16’ long (4.9 meters), 8’ (2.4 meters) across and rolls on 26- and 22-inch wheels front and back.

Real Life New Batman Adventures Batmobile

This real-life, full-size New Batman Adventures’ Batmobile is tricked out with rocket launchers, machine guns, the requisite afterburners, and pretty snazzy light effects, including a pair of infinity taillights.

All told, it took the man 4 years and no less than 3,000 hours to complete the build. We are completely swooned over by this Al Burmaster’s Batmobile. Wait.

What am I talking about? We are swoon over by any Batmobile! If you love what Burmaster has done, be sure to check out his Instagram page for the build images of this gorgeous Batmobile.

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Images: Instagram (@burmastersbeer).

Details via Instagram (@the_batmentor).