State Bicycle Co. Teamed Up With The Simpsons Some Donut-ish Accessories

What has cult TV cartoon series The Simpsons has to do with cycling? Nothing. What has the iconic pink donut in the The Simpsons got to do with cycling? Nothing either. However, that does not make the The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Limited Edition Accessories, a collaboration between State and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer […]

Bridgestone’s Radical Airless Tire Is Making Its Way To Bicycle

We have seen a handful of airless tires for bicycles, but to date, it has not seen wide spread adoption. That’s kind of odd, because we can’t see why cyclists don’t want to go punctuate-free. Anywho, perhaps the answer is not as simple as going all rubber, or putting holes in solid rubber. Perhaps, more […]

This Company Wants To Sell You Air-less Tires That Last Thousands Of Miles

Flats on tires rank among one of the worst nightmares any motorist could face and while technologies have minimized flats from hindering with motorcars’ performance, bicycles have yet to enjoy this incentive, well, actually no. In fact, air-less tires that promised a flat-free biking experience has been around since 2014, but apparently, they are either […]

Concept LEGO Minifig’s Hair-inspired Bicycle Helmet Is As Crazy As It Is Cool

Aesthetic is almost like an afterthought in bicycle helmets. Which is not wrong. They had to be functional. Not that bicycle helmets are ugly, but they do look pretty boring. You know. It is like, hey look, a bicycle helmet and you moved on. This is one safety gear that you can’t change much in […]

Omata One: Finally, A Bike Speedometer That Actually Looks Like One

Bike computer feeds you with the data you need as you pedal away, but surely not everyone fancy the high-tech look of these gadgets. To some, it just spoils the ‘natural beauty’ of their pedal-powered stallion and Rhys Newman, former VP of Everyday Adventure and Advanced Design at Nokia and HERE, is one of the […]

$78 Haiku Bike Assistant Leverages on Your Smartphone’s Features, Boasts Gesture Control

Not everyone is ready to drop hundreds for a cycle computer and the good news is, you don’t have to, as long as you have a modern day smartphone. Instead of sticking the handset on your bike’s handlebar, which puts your device at risk from the elements, Haiku wants to be on it. So yes, […]

Garmin’s New Edge Explore 1000 Has Crash Detection and Smartphone Notifications

If you are a non-conforming cyclist and love to explore the road less travelled, Garmin has just the right gear for you and it is called Garmin Edge Explore 1000 Cycle Computer. This mobile-like cycle computer not only ensures you are always on track even when you get off the roads, but will also watch […]

$499 Watteam PowerBeat Bicycle Power Meter Measures Left and Right, Fits on Any Crankset

The life of a pro cyclist is much like those of a Formula 1 race car driver. Fame and fortune comes as standard, and so are the best training gears. Obviously, aspiring cyclists won’t be in the position to acquire expensive gears to monitor their performance, well, at least not until now. Meet the Watteam […]

Livall’s Smart Bike Helmet Has Tons of LEDs, Plays Music and Take Calls Too

Leveraging on the technology available today, Chinese company Livall, has created a bicycle helmet that can be truly call high-tech. Dubbed Bling, this smart helmet goes beyond protecting the cyclist’s head in an event of a crash; it also serves to increase the road presence of the cyclist with the use of no less than […]

Stellight Bicycle Light Offers a Cool 1 Million Possible Light Patterns

Bicycle is a tiny vehicle as compared to the rest of the beasts out on the road and hence, letting other road users know you presence is critical. That said, regular flashing lights may not be enough to draw attention to you and your bike and on the personalization aspect, it don’t quite speak your […]