Hubless Bike Glows Like Tron’s Light Cycle, Heralds The Future Of Bicycle

You haven’t see flying cars zipping across the city’s sky and so, it shouldn’t surprise you that bicycles, electric or not, still look largely like your grandfather’s bicycle. However, that’s set to change with Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle. As the product name subtly hints, this pedal-assist bicycle has a little bit of Tron element […]

4-wheel Power-assist Electric Bicycle Looks Like A Real Life Car Caricature

What you see here is a bicycle. No, really. It is a bicycle, an electric bicycle to be exact. Built by Swedish dude Mikael Kjellman, PopRide, as it is called, was born out of the desire to have the practicality of bicycle with the comfort and convenience of car. Actually, it is more like a […]

The Vanilla Workshop Launches First Hand Built Ready-Made Road Bike

US-based bike maker, The Vanilla Workshop, has just make acquiring hand built road bikes without the traditional long wait. The first model under the outfit’s Speedvagen Ready-Made program is the OG-1 that promised to deliver the company’s very best workhorse race machine, designed, built, painted and assembled right in its Portland, Oregon workshop. If you […]

BMW Pays Tribute To M2 Coupe With Limited Edition BMW Cruise M Bike

The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition probably won’t fit in the trunk of your would be new ride, the BMW M2 Coupe, but if you ordered it (the M2) in its official color of Long Beach Blue metallic, then it will be a good fit – despite not fitting in the boot as mentioned. […]

Ono Bikes’ Archont Electro Bike Is Crazy Fast And Insanely Beautiful

Chopper-like bicycles have been around for ages, perhaps, born out as an alternative for the real deal. Whatever was the case, one thing for sure is, Ono Bike is going to change how you look at a chopper, be it a motorcycle or a bicycle, with its first wildly radical e-bike called Archont Electro. Stretching […]

A Simple Wheel Change Will Turn This 34 lbs Electric Bike into a Regular Bike

Toronto-based electric bicycle maker is back, but this time round, there ain’t no beast. It newest product is a ‘regular’ electric bike, called EC1. Well, EC1 is not quite regular actually. It stands out as a ultra lightweight carbon fiber bike that weighs in at mere 34 lbs (or 15 kg) and for a limited […]

Daymak Introduces Beast D Electric Bicycle with Dual 500W Motor, Calls it an Electric ATV

When you are hell bent in venturing into the woods, an ATV appears to be the perfect option. But that’s assuming that the woods is generous enough to provide you the space your ATV needs, or you could go with a two-wheel electric all-terrain vehicle, like the Daymak The Beast D Off-Road Electric ATV that […]

Solé Bicycles Three Speed City Cruiser is as Minimalistic and Stylish as a Bicycle Can Gets

On contrary to belief, there are other types of bicycle apart from sports bike. I know right. These days, unless you are in Paris, you probably see more sports bike around and lets be honest, you don’t need a decal-covered futuristic bike when you just want to ride or hit up the convenience stores down […]

Levi’s and Schwinn Comes Together to Support San Francisco Yellow Bike Project with Limited Edition Bike

San Francisco Yellow Bike Project (SFYBP) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven community bicycle shop that aims to give new life to otherwise dead bikes and put them in the hands of San Franciscans without breaking the bank, while encouraging eco-friendly mode of transportation in the beautiful city. A worthy and meaningful cause, no doubt, which jeans […]

Bringley Cargo Bicycle is the Result of a Real World 5,000 Km Test Ride

Bicycle is a convenient, eco-friendly transportation device, but the lack of cargo space severely limits its application to mere transportation. That said, if you are looking to ferry more than a couple of books or six-packs, then Bringley Cargo Bicycle by London-based Porterlight might be an ideal proposition. It boasts a cargo deck, located between […]