BMW Presents A Two-wheel Roadster At Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

a year ago, BMW Motorcycle presented to the world the heavily retro-styled, boxer engine-powered Concept Ninety at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to mark the Munich motorcycle maker’s 90 years in business, but that was a concept that will remain as a concept, well, at least thus far. however, at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa […]

BMW S 1000 R Superbike

having brute grunt like the S 1000 RR may not be everyone’s cup of English Breakfast, especially when it use as a daily runner, and this is the very reason why there’s the BMW S 1000 R Superbike, a “pared down” version of the RR (hence the lone ‘R’), but no less potent. actually, it is a little less on the brute force, but still pretty impressive

BMW R nineT Roadster Bike

when you are on a two-wheeler, there are only two things that matter: the ultimate road presence and the unadulterated riding pleasure, both are qualities which the new BMW R nineT Roadster Bike can offer. nested within this hand-built feel classic roadster bike is a 1.2-Liter air/oil-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine, delivering 110

BMW Concept Ninety Motorcycle

the one other highlight that BMW had dished out at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2013 was this BMW Concept Ninety Motorcycle. this concept bike marks the Munich-based firm’s 90 years in the motorrad business and 40th anniversary of the R 90 S – one of the fastest production bikes of its day

2013 BMW F 800 GS Adventure “Launch Edition”

building on the BMW F 800 GS dynamic off-road qualities, the 2013 BMW F 800 GS Adventure is everything the F 800 GS is and more. still powered by the same liquid-cooled 798cc twin-cylinder engine with 85 hp (63 kW) and 83 Nm of torque on the tap, mated to a six-speed manual transmission, the Adventure model features a reinforced

BMW K 1300 S “30 Jahre K-Modelle”

we are sure you have seen a BMW K 1300 zipping around town. though we wouldn’t suggest seeing a K series bimmer two-wheeler is a common sight, we would assume that any connoisseur would prefer one that’s of special edition, such as this particular example here: the BMW K 1300 S “30 Jahre K-Modelle”. launched in celebration of the success story of the K series, this…

2013 BMW R 1200 GS

nine years and 170,000 units sold. that’s what the current BWM R 1200 GS has achieved and with those figures, it has also become the name synonymous with adventure-touring bike. hence, developing a new successor would be one huge delicate task but that hasn’t stop the Motorrad folks from rolling out an all-new 2013 model. the 2013 BMW R 1200 GS rolls in with…

BMW HP4 Supersports Bike

stock motorcycles, like cars, need quite a fair bit of work to be made them race track worthy. being an everyday rider, you probably want a ride that could be use for your daily commute and at the same time, up to task for some weekend race meet. with the new BMW HP4 Supersports Bike, you can do just that. the HP label there is not…

BMW C evolution Scooter

if you love the idea of an electric scooter but don’t want to look like a speed-strangled electric bicycle, then the soon-to-realize BMW C evolution Scooter might be the ride to look forward to. described by BMW Motorrad as near-production prototype, this electric scooter bears similar lines to the existing C scooters and has performance figures…

BMW F 700 GS and F 800 GS

can’t decide if you love to two-wheel on tarmac or the beaten dirt tracks? no worries. the new BMW F 700 GS and the updated F 800 GS are just the motorcycles you will need to cope with the rigor of everyday road use while still totally capable of off-road maneuvers when you needed it. equipped with a 768 cc liquid-cooled, twin…