switchBand Makes Bottle Opener Ring Cool Again, May Save Your Wrist Too

If you find yourself popping a cold one every now and then, and you also happen to be a ring-wearer, whether as a fashion statement or because you are married, then the switchBand Covert Bottle Opener Ring may tickle your fancy. Why? Because it is a ring that has a spring-loaded bottle opener hidden away. […]

Wootz EDC: An EDC Pocket Knife That Does The Essentials While Looking Absolutely Gorgeous

When style is part of your consideration when you need to cut something when out in the wild, then we would think Wootz EDC fits the bill perfectly. I mean, we don’t just feature everything that pops up in our inbox, but when our attention was drawn to Wootz EDC, it really had us at […]

Titanium Fidget Spinner That Is Also A Bottle Opener Is Simply God Sent

On the surface, the fidget spinner hype may have somewhat slowed down, but the truth is, it is here to stay because humans are, by design, a fidgeting bunch, and these same fidgeting bunch happens to also love a few cold ones every now and then, and therefore, it makes great sense to see someone […]

Motorized PET Bottle Lets You Uncap The Bottle With A Smartphone App

Japanese maker of electric motors for various consumer products, Nidec Corporation, has came up with an interesting promotional video that peddles a supposed Motorized Smart PET Bottle. Now, by the product name alone, you will be clueless about how ‘smart’ the bottle is, or what it actually does. So allow me to introduce you to […]

This iPhone 7 Case With Built-in Lighter Is Literally The Hottest iPhone Case

A survival situation that requires you to start a fire probably means you are pretty much off the grid and it also means that it kind of makes this case, the ZVE Multifunction Lighter Case for iPhone 7/7 Plus, a smoker and/or bottled beer lover thing. Ok, maybe it is not necessary true. It could […]

BOx Bottle Opener Lets Your Friends Know You Have Popped A Bottle

Imagine your friends are still toiling in their respective offices and here you are, popping a bottle of cold one, and telling them that you are doing so. That’s kind of cruel and so I am not sure why you want to do that. Anywho, in the traditional way, you pick up the phone and […]

This Sleek Carabiner Keychain / Multitool Combo Packs Ten Functions

There’s carabiner multitool and then there’s the carabiner multitool such as this one from Screwpop Tool, called Wishbone Wrench + Carabiner Multitool. So what sets the Wishbone apart from the horde of ‘carabiner’ keychains or multitools? Well, it is both a keychain and a multitool. A thin design ensures it is totally unobtrusive, while heat-treated […]

Brnly SlingPop Combines Men’s Love for SlingShot and Bottle Opener into One Cool Package

As a child, slingshot is a boy’s toy of choice for mischief or whatnot (think Dennis the Menace) and as grown ups, bottle opener is a man’s best friend. Burnley Design combines this two loves from two obligatory phases of a male being and reimagined into a handsome device called SlingPop, a slingshot that pops […]

This Smaller-Than-Finger Titanium Multi-Tool is also a Zipper Pull Too

Imagine having a bottle of cold booze, but no bottle opener. The clock is ticking as you frantically search for something to pry open the rapidly cooling-to-ambient-temperature-beverage. While most men may choose to live with such anxiety (and ambient temperature booze), one Bostonian by the name of Flavio Pellegrino is not about to let the […]