You Can Carry Skis with the Lowepro Whistle Series Photo Backpack Too

If you are a skiing photographer, be it amateur or pro, you would know that a camera bag cannot be just any bag. It has to stand up to the elements and also bears the burden of other gears apart from your imaging rig. This is an area long-time camera accessories maker Lowepro wants to […]

Kevlar Comes to Camera in the Form of a Super Cool Camera Strap

You probably don’t need bulletproof material to be on your camera accessories, but as far as cool factor is concern, it is always “why not if you can?” And in the case of the Kevlar Camera Strap by Convoy, while it does have the much revered bulletproof material in the mix, its cool factor goes […]

Travler Camera Case Will Add a Vintage Flair to Your GoPro Camera

GoPro is not an actual camera. It is an action camera, but that hasn’t stop many folks from using one as their primary camera and if you are one of them, may we suggest that you do so in style? Like slipping on a Travler Camera Case for GoPro? To be fair, GoPro is never […]

Miggo Agua is Like the Gunslinger’s Holster for Camera, Designed to Brave the Elements

Camera bags are a dime a dozen – probably twice as many as the number of cameras in the market. Actually, we don’t know the real figure. All we know is there boat loads of them out there which means shortage of options is never going to happen, unless you are looking for one that […]

CamCarry: An Uber Stylish Leather Camera Bag That Won’t Break the Bank

If you agree that stock camera bags, if there’s even any, are too mainstream and lacks style, then we think it is high time for you to acquire something other than a padded black nylon bag. Something like the CamCarry Camera Bag by Chivote would be a good fit if style and practicality are what […]

SteadyGim3 EVO Stabilizes Your GoPro and Recharges It Too

The usage of GoPro has went beyond action sports. Thanks to its compact form factor and excellent video quality, people are using it to record home movies and stuff too. And if you know anything about videography, size comes as a bit of concern. It may appear that small is awesome, but being tiny means […]

CAMpanion Marries Your Smartphone with a GoPro, Lets You Video Front and Back Simultaneously

GoPro is awesome, but it is not without its fair share of shortcomings. Being this tiny, it can’t be effectively held by hands if you are going to use it as a regular camera and low light imaging is almost impossible, and that’s not to mention the display, if any, that’s a little too small […]

The Parrot Lets You Use Your Smartphone as a Teleprompter with a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

Aspiring Youtube journalists and reporters, rejoice! Here’s a tool that will ensure the next time you ‘speak’ to your audience, you will be looking into their eyes while eliminating the need to memorize lines, and it will let you do so without biting a chunk out of your hard-earned savings. So, yes. The Parrot is […]

3D Printed Epochs Collection Pimps Up Panasonic GM1, Improves the Grip

other than adding colors to camera, you have to admit that camera’s aesthetic is anything but groundbreaking. you can’t blame the camera makers though, after all the camera has to be commercially viable to make any business sense in order to mass produce them. however, if German design studio, WertelOberfell‘s custom parts for Panasonic DMC-GM1 […]

KILLSPENCER Modular Camera Bag Not Only Looks Sharp, But It Will Kill Your Wallet Too

if have dropped cool money for a connoisseur camera like Leica, then it only makes sense that you drop little more for a bag that complements the camera’s style, you know, to look even sharper. for that, KILLSPENCER has just the right stuff for you and its called Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag. quite a […]