Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle Automatically Takes A Selfie As You Drink

Following Coca-Cola Japan’s novel gifting idea, we again stumble upon another Coca-Cola gold and this time, it is all about selfie. Coca-Cola Israel and Tel Aviv-based creative agency Gefen teamed up together to introduce limited edition bottles that come outfitted with a special base that automatically takes a mid-sip selfie as you down the world’s […]

Coca-Cola’s X’mas Edition Bottles Have A Secret That Makes Them Gift-worthy

A bottle of Coca-Cola is probably not the best of gift ideas, but the marketing team over at Coca-Cola Japan came up with a brilliant idea that may just make bottles of Coca-Cola gift-worthy. The secret lies in the seemingly nondescript Christmas-themed label. With just a few steps, the label actually turns into a gift […]

Herschel Supply And Coca-Cola Launches Fourth Collab Bags

It looks like it is going to be wet Fourth of July for Americans, but rain or shine, most folks will still want to lug along their favorite cold drinks to the parade, picnic or whatever event that you will be attending, isn’t it? If so, instead of the cumbersome cooler, Herschel Supply and Coca-Cola […]

SPRITE Celebrates The Land’s Victory With Limited Edition 16 oz. Can

After 52 years of dry spell, Cleveland Cavaliers, lead by LeBron James, finally took the championship in a 93-89 win over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night. 52.Freaking.Years. Now, that surely calls for a grand celebration and while the Land and the whole of Cleveland celebrates, SPRITE, a Coca-Cola brand, wasted no time in […]

This Coca-Cola PET Bottle is Made Entirely from Plants

If you really ponder about it, soft drink is something that’s rather undesirable. I mean, they are sweet – often too sweet for our good, really – which is bound to invite some serious health implications in long run and on the other hand, popular soft drink giant uses way too many PET bottles which […]