Concept TIE-X Fighter Makes TIE Fighter Looks Truly Very Alien-ish

While many car designers work on outrageous car designs they couldn’t present to the board in the real-world, one Canadian automotive designer, Jason Battersby, who makes a living designing automobile for Audi, choose to take on the sci-fi route during his free time. Instead of turning out concepts that stays on the ground, Jason has […]

GM’s SURUS Platform Is The Future Of Trucks With Autonomous Capabilities

No. The thing you see up there is not a glorified, oversized electric skateboard. Though it might very well be if there are giants that live among us. It is a thing called SURUS, the abbreviation for Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, developed by General Motors. It is the next-generation of mobility leveraging on flexible […]

Dahir Insaat’s Gyroscopic Public Transportation Needs To Happen Now

The public transportation we know today is hardly futuristic. At least is not as what many sci-fi movies and novels described it to be. Flying cars? Nope. People zipping from point A to point B in tubes? Nope. Teleportation? Not a chance, if you don’t wish to end up with arms as your lower limbs. […]

Cummins’ Concept Electric Semi Makes 100-Mile, Hauls Up To 2 Tons Of Cargo

Electric car, electric bicycle and, to some extend, electric motorcycle are becoming increasing common. However, if the world really wants to get rid of emissions entirely, we will need to address the other prevalent transportation, namely, commercial buses and trucks. Lucky for us, someone is already looking into those, coming up with the idea of […]

Futuristic NASA Mars Rover Is How Humans Will Roll On The Red Planet

Mars is currently explored by robotic rovers, but in future, it will be done by humans and the futuristic vehicle you see here could be the Mars-mobile of choice. Built by Parker Brothers Concepts with advice of NASA engineers, this futuristic military-ish 6,000 lbs (2,721 kilograms) six-wheeler has room for up to four passengers and […]

Meet The FCX-001, Bell’s Radical Take On The Future Of Helicopters

Since the invention of helicopter, the concept behind this vertical lift flying machine hasn’t changed much and that’s probably because the inner workings of such machines are crazy complex and any attempt to tweak a part or component may set off a chain of changes which are both costly and time consuming. But it looks […]

Airbus’ Vision Of Flying Car Is Not Quite A Car. It Is More Like An Aircraft

If you have grown tired of constant traffic jams, giving up driving and hoping on taxis and ride sharing cars won’t help you get out of the gridlock. Trains like subways sound like a good idea, except that you have to rub shoulders with many. Not exactly the ideal solution, is it? What you need […]

Twin V8 Powered Seafaring Lexus Is Pretty But, Sadly, Won’t Be Produced

The Lexus Sport Yacht Concept you see here may not be as wild as the spacecraft the Japanese luxury automaker dreamed up for Luc Besson’s sci-fi movie, Valerian and City of a Thousand Planets, it is at least, more down to earth. Nearly two years in the development, Lexus Sport Yacht Concept is the brainchild […]

Suborbital Passenger Jet Will Make London To New York In Two Hours

Back in the 1940s, Hitler’s Nazi had explored the possibility of sub-orbital flight to achieve tremendous range that would afford Germany to “bomb anywhere in the world.” Fast forward to 2017, or rather 2016, mankind is again exploring the possibility of cruising along the lower reaches of space, but this time, it is for a […]

Here’s An Awesome Mobility Solution For Mountainous Region In Colombia

In mountainous regions like the Colombia’s Andes Region, folks still uses mule to haul goods not because they choose to, but because the treacherous terrains dictate that only animals are up to the task. While it seems like it will remain so for years to come, Italy-based Colombian designer Edgar Sarmiento (AKA Eddie Mauro, the […]