Hogwarts-inspired College of Wizardry Lets Harry Potter Super Fans Play Out Their Fantasy

Rejoice! Harry Potter super fans! You don’t need to wait for the Hogwarts’ acceptance to get into The College of Wizardry. If you have few hundred euros to spare, you can get yourself ‘enrolled’. No, we are not talking about a theme park here. This is way more serious than a theme park; it is […]

If You Love Warhammer, You Should Really Check Out This Insane Terminator Armor Cosplay

We pretend to be a fan of Warhammer; we are not, but that doesn’t stop our jaws from dropping when we first lay eyes on this fantastic cosplay costume by avid cosplay artist known by the handle of Grand Artifice. Grand Artifice has created many cosplay costumes, but this Warhammer 40K World Eaters Cataphractii Terminator […]

Complete Your Marty McFly Look This Halloween With This Pair of Officially Licensed Nike Mag Replica

the line between cosplay and dressing up for halloween has been blurred. halloween costumes used to consist of mainly monsters or hideous creatures, you know, to ‘scare away spirits and goblins’. these days, halloween can be of anything that’s fun – even a Hazmat Suit from Breaking Bad and Walter White hyperflesh mask qualifies. that […]

This Is Probably The Best General Grievous Cosplay Like, Ever

no amount of money can buy you this villain from the galaxy far, far away. so, yes. this is a General Grievous cosplay which reportedly appeared at the MCM London Comic Con, or is it? this almost movie-accurate depiction of the galactic bad guy features the signature cape which was conveniently used to conceal the […]

UD Replicas Man of Steel Leather Suit

the Man of Steel hype might have subsided, but that’s only for the rest of world, while fans of this big screen rendition of the comic superhero can continue to celebrate the “brief-less” Man of Steel with this rad Man of Steel Leather Suit serves up by UD Replicas. first previewed at the San Diego Comic-Con in July

Breaking Bad Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

the appeal of the most-watched American TV drama, Breaking Bad, is far more reaching than you could have imagined. how else could you explain a mask, worn (and signed) by Bryan Cranson and also once donned by Jimmy Fallon and rapper Common, could fetch a mind-boggling $41K when it went up on auction on eBay

Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume

now that Breaking Bad season 5 has officially come to a close, we are guessing that some hardcore fans out there are already suffering from serious meth-in-tube withdrawals. well, don’t be. you can get you fix through the complete series Blu-ray collection, or better still, suit up with this Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume