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it ain’t heavy, it is my cast-concrete personal computer

Concretronic by D.Heiße main 544x688px
being a geek who once love customizing PC, i can’t help but to scour the net for some out of this world custom PC case mods. there are thousands of laudable mods, but none as heavy as this concrete PC case – literally. yes, concrete isn’t reserved for architectures, PC could have some use of this hardy material too.

the brain behind this industrial-look PC, aptly called Concretronic (concrete plus electronics, get it?), is modder D.Heiße who did this stunning custom for a modding contest. the case is made from a single, seamless layer of concrete wrapped around a metal structure and plexiglass.

metal parts are either hand-cut or machined and power coated in white. D.Heiße even took the pain to form up the concrete-cast power and hard-drive indicators. the concrete assault doesn’t stop there, even the SDD and HDD has concrete-cast covers. awesome work! this is one PC that has to be on the floor, or risk breaking the desk.

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ultra-industrial is what Hammerhead PC case mod is

DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 img1 544px
(image credit: DARWINmachine) The Hammerhead HMR989 PC | US$2,899.00 | darwinmachine.com

this hand-built Hammerhead PC by DARWINmachine is probably the coolest, ultra-industrial PC we have ever seen. we just went gaga, stunned and speechless when we first lay our eyes on it. suddenly, time went on a stand still and for those moments, the specs of this beautiful machine doesn’t seem to matter. the openness of the PC resulted in some innards being turned inside out, showing, in full glory, the nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card and the Kingston 750W modular power supply, for examples.

the chassis is hand-built from blue CNC brushed, anodized aluminum frame and supermatte white Ecoresin. on the specs end, the Hammerhead HMR98902 comes with 2.8 GHz Intel i7-860 processor, coupled with 4 GB of RAM, a 40 GB Intel Solid State Drive (SSD), a 640 GB front-loaded “hot swappable” hard drive, a nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card, a optical CD/DVD drive and power comes from a Kingston 750W modular power supply. it also have an extra hot-swap tray for a second hard drive, for those who has an insatiable appetite for storage space. the HMR98902 comes preloaded with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

the Hammerhead PC is a made-to-order system which requires two weeks to get your order out to you and cost $2,899. at the time of this posting, the HMR98902 is sold out but fret not, you still have the HMR98903 and HMR98904 in black brushed anodized and Quattro Carbon Trim, respectively. before you head on and grab yourself one of these awesome machines, why not check out more photos of the HMR98902 to further tempt yourself?

images bar 150x67 DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - side view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - rear angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - front angled view 600px
images bar 150x67 DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered rear angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered front angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered side view 600px


2010 Digital Life snazzy Dream PC cost $10,000

DL Dream PC 544px
(image credit: Digital Life)

if money is no object, this could be the PC you would build. the Dream PC is an annual project undertaken by Digital Life to build a, er… snazzy Dream personal computer that has the latest hardware in it. the result is this lean, mean Dream machine that packs a six-cores Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition cooled by a Corsair Hydro H70 closed-top water-cooling system.

there’s no point in trying to narrate the goodies packed into it because i am too overwhelmed by it that i am lost for words. lets settle for a run down what lurks within the mean Coolermaster HAF X tower casing:

Main board: Gigabit X58A-UD09
RAM: 3 x Geil Evo Two GET312GB2000C9TC DDR3 rated at 2,000MHz with heat sinks (total 12GB of RAM)
Hard Drives: Crucial Real SSD 256GB, OCZ Revodrive X2 240GB SSD, Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB
Optical: LG BH10 Blu-ray writer
Graphics: 3 x AMD Radeon HD6970 (from Sapphire, Gigabyte and AMD reference series)
Power Supply: Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 1200w
Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech Steel series 7G keyboard and G700 5700dpi mouse
Display: Dell U3011 30-inch LCD (IPS panel)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (OEM)
Sound: Denon AVR-2311 AV amplifier and Jamo 102HCS6 home theater speakers

total cost: S$13,315 (approximately US$10,186).

one word: wow. life’s good when you have loads of money. unfortunately, the PC won’t last (i.e. not for sale, either). after it is built and showed off, it will be dismantled and all the parts return to their respective vendors. it is, after all, a test of what can be achieved when the best hardware comes together as one.

Digital Life is a regular supplement paper of the Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper. the weekly supplement gives reader insight to tech developments and news.

custom gaming PC under the guise of V8 engine

V8 Gaming PC lights up and closed-up! 544px
(image credit: Wayne aka v121) V8 Gaming PC | $Auction Price

PC enthusiasts has thousands of ideas to customize their gaming rig. this one is my personal favorite, though i don’t use PC that much these days. this one of the kind V8 gaming rig is the work of art of New Zealanders, Wayne and his Dad. some of the features include bits of lightings, card reader, fan controllers, sound DB meters and light color changers. it even has a florescent light within the PC for working light.

this V8 gaming rig does come with manuals and CD-ROM. on the site, Wayne stated it comes with Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit). not sure if its preinstalled or come with the disc for Windows 7. other specs include Intel Core 2 Extreme X9650 CPU (3GHz), 4GB of RAM, ASUS P5N-T Deluxe Mother Board, 2 x 500 GB hard drives, 2 x NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB (SLi) graphic cards and Pioneer DVD-RW drive.

according to Wayne, the machine is so huge that he would recommend a 4WD to pick this rig up. if you want to own this, you gotta be in Auckland, New Zealand or somewhere near so you can actually pick it up. but first you got be the winner of this auction which ends on December 14th @ 1041 hours – New Zealand time i presume. perfect compliment to your real V8 powered automobile. why no one pimps a Mac like this?

V8 Gaming PC lights up! 544px
(image credit: Wayne aka v121)

V8 Gaming PC up-close 544px
(image credit: Wayne aka v121)

V8 Gaming PC behind the scenes 544px
(image credit: Wayne aka v121)

V8 Gaming PC front 544px
(image credit: Wayne aka v121)

V8 Gaming PC img6 544px
(image credit: Wayne aka v121)