Rifle Stock For Camera Is How You Attract Undue Attraction

Have it ever occurred to you why both firing a gun and the act of capturing a picture or video with a camera are both called shooting? Perhaps, it is because, both requires aiming and both sort of ‘capture’ something. Also, have it occurred to you why a rifle is more accurate than over, say, […]

Do You Know You Can 3D Print A Triangular Bladeless Fan? Yes You Can!

It is no secret that you can cobbled up a homemade Dyson-inspired bladeless fan using nothing but common parts you can find lying a home, albeit it being a rather crude contraption. However, if you have a 3D printer, South African Thingiverse user, Daniel Mitchell, will show you how to make a bladeless fan the […]

Alien Facehugger CPAP Ventilator Mask Won’t Lay Eggs, It Delivers Air

Sleep apnea is no laughing matter. It can kill. But this sleep apnea relieving hardware gave us a good laugh. What you see here is not a real-life Alien facehugger attack. It is a custom CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) ventilator mask by sleep apnea patient/tinker gnome Jared Gray. Gray figured, if he is going […]

Dude Created A Custom Electric Guitar With 1200 Colored Pencils

One-of-a-kind electric guitars are not new. We have seen some pretty impressive custom guitar bodies thus far. No. Flying V isn’t one-of-a-kind guitar, but cardboard, “molten lava,” and skateboard guitar bodies are, and so is this: 1200 colored pencils guitar body. Redditor (Rockmann1), Imgur user (flyjumper) and YouTuber Burls Art has built himself a Fender […]

Jaws-inspired Baby Cot Is The Coolest Thing Any Dad Could Give His Baby

If you have a baby, getting him or her a regular baby cot is possibly the most meh thing to do. If you do that, you are just another Dad. Nothing wrong with that; it’s just that you won’t be as cool. Sculptor Joseph Reginella, on the other hand, elevated himself to the cool Dad […]

71-Year-Old French Is Crossing Atlantic In A Barrel-Like Vessel

Attempts to cross the vast expanse of oceans, traveling from one continent to another, using anything other than commercial means are not new, but an attempt on a vessel with zero propulsion? Well, that is new (and crazy, if I might add). Regardless of the lunacy, such is what French gramp, 71-year-old Jean-Jaques Savin, is […]

Bladeless Drone Is Impressive, But Not Quite Bladeless As It Says It Is

One drone enthusiast/aspiring aerospace engineer by the name of Stefano Rivellini claims that he has built the “world’s first bladeless drone.” But before you get excited, this ain’t no Dyson’s bladeless technology which the British company has used in its hairdryer and various fans; in fact, it is not quite bladeless as it says it […]

Mark Rober Pranked Porch Thieves With Glitter Bomb Trap And Fart Spray

When packages left on the porch keep getting stolen… regular folks would have a security camera system setup to nab the thief. Meanwhile a former NASA engineer designed and made a Glitter Bomb Trap to teach these thieves a colorful and (nasty) odor-filled lesson. The engineer is Mark Rober, the same person who made the […]

Star Destroyer Halloween Costume Is Something I Never Thought Possible

Most Halloween costumes are based on creatures, personalities, and maybe robots, but we never heard or seen any kid dressing up as a vehicle, let alone a spaceship, for trick-or-treat. Well, that’s until now. Andrew Guy is a loving father who did just that, i.e. he made a vehicle costume. Guy built an Imperial Star […]

If You Want This Gorgeous Sound Bar, You Have To Build It Yourself

Instructables user ralf_k is an engineer by day and self-described “noisy neighbor by night” who wanted a modern looking sound bar that isn’t plasticky. I am not sure if there is such sound bar out there. Even there is, I am sure it is going to cost a fortune. Anyways, he set out to make […]