Believe It Or Not, This Custom Electric Guitar Has A Concrete Body

If you have following this blog, you would have noticed that we have a soft spot for all things concrete. That said, when we come across this custom concrete electric guitar by Crafted Workshop, my mind was pretty much blown into smithereens. Immediately, this goes into the ‘it-would-be-a-crime-not-share’ category and so here it is, folks, …

This Wearable Robot Suit Is Complex In Materials And Build, And It Look Fabulous

We discovered talented Chinese maker from the previous post last week when we saw her video of her making a robot suit on Chinese Douyin. Since it is the robot costume that has gotten our attention first, we thought we’d post this awesome creation of hers here too.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Thermal Katana Perfectly Recreated With Wood, Epoxy Resin And LED

Anyone who is looking to cosplay as Cyberpunk 2077 may want to take a cue from Chinese maker Xiao Qian Feng. Xiao Qian Feng has perfectly recreated the Arasaka Thermal Katana using good’ol wood craftsmanship, epoxy resin and LED light strip.

Glitter Bomb 3.0: It Is Even More Advanced And More Potent (By The Way Of Smell)

Every Holiday season, ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober is reminded that 2 million packages are stolen from the porch each year in the U.S. And every year since 2018, he made a Glitter Bomb to teach porch pirates a lesson. Two years on, there are still many porch thieves who hasn’t learned their lesson and so, …

YouTube Personality And Tinkerer Scratch Built A Giant NERF Bazooka

Office NERF war will never be the same again after the YouTube personality/tinkerer Ivan Miranda’s custom built “world’s largest” NERF Gatling gun. And now, it will be even more intense with his latest creation, the Giant NERF Bazooka.

Someone DIY-ed A Bird Feeder That Dispenses Bird Feed In Exchange For Bottle Caps

This is a birdbox by maker Hans Forsberg. This bird box has nothing to do with Netflix’s and it is way more cooler than not McDonald’s. Using his knowledge on robotics on industrial applications for artificial intelligence, Fosberg made a bird feeder that will reward his backyard magpies with food whenever the birds deposit a …

Simone Giertz Built A Dog Selfie Booth Using LEGO And LEGO Mindstorms

One of our favorite inventors/YouTube personalities Simone Giertz tried teaching her pet dog, Scraps, how to take a selfie with a smartphone, but little doggy just couldn’t get her paws on it. So she does what any sane inventor would do: built a dog selfie booth.