DOOGEE Puts A Professional Range Finder Into Its Latest Rugged Android Smartphone

You have seen a shaver phone and a phone that is also a charging case for TWS earbuds, now meet one that measures distance. Folks, this is the DOOGEE S97 Pro, the world’s first rugged phone with a pro-grade laser range finder that boasts 8 measurement modes.

DOOGEE S58 Pro: A Rugged Smartphone With An Unbelievably Affordable Price Tag

If you head out into great outdoor often, you will want a rugged smartphone. But since you are in the wild and not in a more controlled environment like, say, a construction site, that phone better not be pricey. This is where DOOGEE S58 Pro will serve the purpose.

DOOGEE N20 Pro Runs On Android 10, Has 16 MP AI Quad Camera And Costs Under US$200

Is mid-range devices a tad too expensive for you? Well, then perhaps you may want to check out DOOGEE’s latest offering, the DOOGEE N20 Pro. Armed Helio P60 chip with octacore processor, this latest device from DOOGEE features a 16 MP AI quad rear camera (16 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2MP), …

DOOGEE N100 Rugged Smartphone Packs A Monumentally Large 10,000 mAh Battery

However featured pack a smartphone is and however rugged it is, one problem still plagued smartphone: battery life. While some phones do pack 5,000+ mAh battery, rugged handset maker DOOGEE outdo the industry with a 10,000 mAh battery smartphone. Ten.Thousand.Milli.Ampere.Hour.

DOOGEE S68 Pro Is The World’s First Wireless Reverse-Charging Phone, Rugged Smartphone

If you are the type of smartphone user who hate cases, but still worry about drops and more importantly, has budget constrain. Well then, DOOGEE S68 Pro Rugged Smartphone may just be what you need.

DOOGEE Takes To Kickstarter To Sell Its First Rugged Modular Smartphone

Do you guys remember DOOGEE? The small handset maker from China that mostly makes copies of other China handset (but doing it pretty darn well)? Well, it looks like they have progressed quite a bit. The company is breaking into the U.S. market with its new device called DOOGEE S90, which it claimed as “the …

The Weird And Wonderful World Of iPhone X Lookalike At MWC 2018

Beyond Little Pepper, LEAGOO and more recently, ASUS, there are actually more iPhone X knock offs than one may have imagined as this year’s world largest mobile convention, Mobile World Congress, reveals. Sure, many have copied Apple’s design over the years, but iPhone X proves to be more interesting because of the annoying notch up …