Death Star Mug Is Not Moon-size, But It Sure Is Huge By Mug’s Standard

I never noticed if the characters on Death Star drink anything at all, but if they did, my best guess is, the dudes onboard the deadly space station would be drinking from the Death Star Sculpted Ceramic Mug because, Death Star. Duh. It is obvious. Clearly, no one will dare to drink from a mug […]

Behold, The World’s Only Squeezable Titanium Water Bottle!

Think titanium, it immediately strikes you as a metal that is super strong and relatively lightweight with respect to the strength it possessed. What if I told you that there is a water bottle made of titanium, but yet, it is as squeezable as any polymer material water bottle? At the first take, you may […]

These Flasks Will Turn Cheap Alcohol Into Top Shelf Tasting Hard Liquor

You know what? Just the other day, I watched an episode of Hack My Life on how to regular water filter can turn low quality Vodka into premium tasting Russian hard liquor. It involves pouring the Vodka through a water filter several times. If the TV show were to be trusted, the hack actually works, […]

With QUARTZ Bottle, You Can Say Bye To Bacteria And Cleaning Of Bottle

You have water bottle and water is all around you, but you can’t just fill it up and drink because there are potentially harmful bacteria and whatnot. Then again, that’s for regular water bottle, not with the QUARTZ Bottle. QUARTZ Bottle has built-in UV-C LED light which its inventor claimed could get rid of up […]

This Unbreakable Mug May Be The Last Mug You Ever Need

There are mugs and then there is the MYMUG, an uber minimalist mug that is virtually indestructible. But do you need one? Probably not… if you can stand replacing those fragile ceramic mugs, that is. If not, MYMUG is the mug of choice that’s not only unbreakable, but it also oozes with style lent to […]

bkr 500 Collection: Drinking Elixir Of Life Has Never Been This Luxurious

You know, bkr? The water bottle maker that reinvented drinking from a bottle? The company’s simple but surprisingly elegant silicone sleeve-over-glass water bottles (with unusually small mouth, if we might add) have been used by celebrities and fashionistas who flaunt them like as if they were some designer handbags. The company basically takes the simple […]

25-Year-Old On-The-Go Coffee Maker Updated And It Is Looking Good!

Montana-based Planetary Design, maker of hot beverage equipment, has recently reintroduced its popular French press mugs, the Big Sky Bistro, with an artistic twist. Now, if you don’t already know, French press mug is essentially an on-the-go coffee maker and mug combo first introduced 25 years ago. Twenty-five-freaking-years! So, yeah, you’d be right to say […]

Believe Or Not, This Coffee Cup Is Literally Made Out Of Coffee

I do not know much wastes are generated in the course of coffee production, but one thing for sure, with so many coffee drinkers around the world, it is safe to say the amount of waste should pretty mind blowing. Now, there are many wastes associated with the process of producing this wonderful beverage and […]

This Ingenious Wine Glass Keeps You From Drinking The Wine Sediments

As some wine lovers will tell you, a good wine does not guarantee it will not leave a bad taste in your mouth and more often than not, the culprits are wine sediments which exists in some full body quality wine. You can say it is inevitable that you will taste the bitter stuff. However, […]

This Smart Drinkware Will Keep Your Coffee At The Temperature Set By You

To achieve the perfect brew, coffee is brewed at around 200 Fahrenheit and obviously, we can’t drink at that scorching temperature. So, what do we do? We wait. Then we forgot about it and it gets a little too cold for our liking. Drinking coffee is a simple enjoyment, but it has, for some reasons, […]