Huge-ass RC Drone With Suspending Hammock Has The Internet Debating

A video of a man chilling out on a hammock suspended under a huge-ass drone posted on YouTube has the Internet debating whether it is real or a hoax. Well, you don’t need to be CGI genius to know that it isn’t real because it is, after all, a commercial for the Dutch insurance company […]

Domino’s Pizza DRU Drone Made First Pizza Delivery In New Zealand

If there’s one thing Domino’s is known for besides pizzas, it would be the company’s relentless pursue of improving pizza delivery. In addition to specially customized delivery vehicles, exploring the possibly of autonomous robot deliveries and one-click order-to-delivery, it has now made the world’s first pizza delivery by a drone to real customers living in […]

DJI Announced Inspire 2 And Phantom 4 Pro Video Drones And We Want Both!

If Samsung is the juggernaut of the electronics industry, then we supposed DJI would be the equivalent in the drone industry. I am not kidding. The rate the outfit is rolling out drones is mind-boggling. Just this year alone, there are already three new drones and mind you, those are just what we have covered […]

Watch 500 Intel Drones Light Up The Night Sky, Setting A New World Record

Last year, Intel made history by putting 100 light drones into the night sky, dancing to a live orchestra and in the process, set a world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously. Rather than holding on to the record and waiting for someone else to break it, the chip maker sets out to erase its […]

This Is Intel Falcon 8+, The First Intel-branded Commercial Drone

Chip maker Intel has been extending its reach into the drone market by offering drone makers and enthusiasts with the ‘brain’ for drones, providing computing, sensor, communications and cloud integration for the drone ecosystem and in October, it takes that involvement a step further with the introduction of the company’s first Intel-branded commercial drone, the […]

Drone Shot Down By Angry Farmer, Camera Survived To Tell The Tale

Another day, another news of a drone being shot down and this time, a seemingly innocent flight to get a shot of a picturesque English countryside got abruptly terminated by an angry farmer who was obviously not very amused by this flying intruder. For some reason, the farmer seems to be armed at the point […]

For £20K, You Can Fly Gold With the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition

So, you don’t have the money to fly in gold, or rose gold for that matter? Well, fret not. We have good news for you. You do not need to be obscenely rich to fly in gold cos’ with the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition offered by UK-based drone seller, DronesDirect, you can fly gold […]

Surface-clinging Drone Aims To Change Structure Inspection Forever

Drone is probably one of the most important invention in this century. With drones, many impossibilities into possibilities, such as affordable aerial imaging, cargo/parcel delivery, and even saving lives – just to name a few, and now, this invention can add another critical use to its name: structure inspection – thanks to Japan drone specialist, […]

A Drone With An Angel Of Death In Tow Is Some Scary But Awesome Shit

My advice is, don’t dress up as Death this Halloween. Why? Because someone already did and we must say, he was pretty damn good at it. How? He flew, way up above like he should in the first place and not walking with his feet cos’ Death has none of those. Ok, technically, the man, […]

Drone Equipped With 1000W LED Light Captures Amazing Night Footages

Unless you have a high-end night vision camera, imaging drone is pretty much useless at night but not in the case of Stratus Productions. The outfit posted on its YouTube channel, RCTestFlight, a video of an Freefly Alta multicopter equipped with a super bright 1,000W LED light bar which, as you can imagine, pretty much […]