DJI’s New Foldable Drone Goes Beyond Imaging, It Is A Sport Drone Too

Wait. Is there a drone race going on? Cos’ just last week we saw GoPro’s first ever drone, today DJI is quick to introduce the company’s very own (and first) folding drone called DJI Mavic Pro and boy, is it super compact. When folded down, the 1.64 lbs (743g) DJI Mavic Pro is small enough […]

Parrot Disco Smart Flying Wing Is Capable Of A Top Speed Of 50 MPH

Due to the nature of multi-rotor setup, multicopters are, generally speaking, not very fast. So, if you seek the thrill of speed in a drone with the benefit of a first person view, Parrot’s new Disco FPV Smart Flying Wing Drone could be an answer. For one thing, if speed is what you after, this […]

GoPro Finally Takes To The Skies With Its Very First Drone, Karma

GoPro cameras have taken to the skies for quite sometime now – thanks to popular drones from DJI, but today, it is reaching out to the clear blue sky on its own with the much anticipated and long-awaited imaging drone, dubbed Karma. Sporting a sleek, longish and low profile design, the GoPro Karma Imaging Drone […]

This Giant Size Egg Is Actually A Fun-turistic 4K Imaging Drone

What you are looking at is the world’s first flying egg. Called PowerEgg, dreamed up by China-based robotic company PowerVision Technology Group, this drone broke the design convention of drones by going, well, egg-shaped. The company came up with this rather quirky shape when they were brainstorming of a way to safely transport a camera-equipped […]

8-Year-Old Golfer’s Smashing Tee Off Knocked A Drone Out Of The Sky

It looks like drone is more susceptible to ‘attack’, be it accidental or not, than we thought. This latest footage that went viral once again proves that no drone is safe. In this instance, it appears that a Typhoon H was busy minding its own business of filming U.S. Kids Golf number one player, Rudy […]

Hasselblad A5D Aerial Takes To The Sky With DJI M600 Aerial Imaging Drone

DJI and Hasselblad, arguably the two biggest names in their respective fields, has come to together to offer the first joint aerial photography package comprising of Hasselblad’s aerial medium-format camera, A5D and DJI’s professional flying platform, M600. This is the first joint product since DJI’s acquisition of a minority stake in Hasselblad Group, so it […]

Airobotics’ Futuristic Automated Industrial Drone Can Keep Flying 24/7

So far, drones have been peddled as aerial imaging rigs for both filmmakers and hobbyists, but that is set to change with Airobotics Automated Industrial Drones. As the name suggests, Airobotics’ proposition is not merely a drone; it is an entire system that is designed to perform tasks like inspection, surveying and mapping, and security […]

Real Life, Flying Half-life City Scanner Drone Is As Eerie As It Is Cool

Half-Life 2 is more than a decade old, but up to this day, it is fondly remember for its desolated setting, Gravity Gun and probably the rather sinister City Scanner Drone that plies the sky scanning for you. While many have tried their hands on making Gravity Gun, little love has been given to this […]

This Is How An Ancient Warrior Take A Drone Out Of The Sky

A drone taken out of the sky by a jet ski was pure accident, but this one here was clearly intentional and thanks to the proliferation of drones, which consequently annoy the hell out of the general population, intentional eliminating of drones is not something new today. This one, however, was pretty unfortunate and cool […]

Sphere VR Drone Opens Up Like A Blooming Flower To Take Flight

Why do we have a feeling that drone of the near future won’t be the familiar quadcopter setup we know today? I mean, they will operate on the same basic principle necessary for a balance flight, but they won’t be presented as what we have accustomed to seeing. Fleye broke new ground with its spherical-shape […]