Drone With Flamethrower Roasts Holiday Turkey Like A Boss

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a drone and a flamethrower combined is not a good news. Even so, you don’t expect a teen who had the history of retrofitting a handgun onto a drone to back off from such delightful project, don’t you? Yup. We are referring to 19 year old Austin […]

xCraft PhoneDrone Ethos Makes Your Smartphone Fly, Like Literally

Smartphones, with the right hardware, can do 101 things and now, with the xCraft PhoneDrone Ethos, you can add imaging drone to the growing list. You heard that right – a flying smartphone is real. Well, it is not quite a smartphone designed to fly, but rather, it is a quadcopter that will take your […]

Aerial Imaging Dudes Marries R2-D2 With A DJI Drone, Makes It Fly With Working Camera

You know Luke Skywalker’s trusty astromech, R2-D2, from Star Wars? Yes. The trash can-like profile droid whose cuteness was only recently usurped by BB-8 from the The Force Awakens. Well, if you know anything about Artoo, it can’t fly on its own, but that doesn’t mean it can’t in real life. I mean, Artoo isn’t […]

Japanese Ad Campaign Features Carefully Orchestrated Drones That Cover Nude Dancers’ Private Parts

How do you convince people to wear clothes? Why, you don’t actually need to cos’ most humans are pretty fond of wrapping fabric all over their bodies. That said, however, you do need some marketing effort to make people sees your brand among the ocean of competitors. And in the case of BUYMA, short for […]

And Folks, This Is How You Remove Errand Drones From The Sky

With the proliferation of drone technology, drones are becoming more and more accessible and hence, posing security threats. I mean, drones could be use to better our lives, but to anyone with criminal intents, it could use for more sinister purposes. While some may dismissed this drone phenomenon as an undue worry, Japan government begs […]

The World’s First Security Drone Is Ready To Chase Down Perpetrators

Remember the flying security drone we featured a while back? Well, while those are guys are still pitching the idea to consumers, Japanese security specialist SECOM is ready to dish out one for a cool 800,000 Yen (about US$6,600), plus a 5,000 Yen (US$41) monthly security service fee. Though we suspect, this is won’t be […]

Rutgers University’s Drone Can Fly In The Air And Dive Underwater

Drone and water don’t mix, but at Rutgers University, the researchers beg to differ. Unlike regular multicopters, Rutgers’ SubUAS “Naviator” Drone has no qualm about taking a dive into the water and that’s in addition to its ability fly like any regular multi-rotor drone. More importantly, it needs no transformation as it goes from air […]

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery As Explained By Jeremy Clarkson

If you don’t already know, the future is upon us. The future where you can order something online and it will be delivered to you by an airborne drone, well, at least that’s going to happen for the world’s biggest e-tailer, Amazon. The talk of drone delivery has been going for a while now and […]

With PowerUp FPV, You Can Now Fly Paper Airplane In First Person View

Many have dream of taking the stick of an aircraft, but I bet not many have ever dream of flying a paper airplane. That’s probably the craziest dream, which needless to say, is an impossibility. However, with PowerUp FPV Live Streaming Paper Airplane Drone, you can take flight on a paper airplane, well, almost. Don’t […]

Startup Wants High-tech, LIDAR-equipped Autonomous Drone to Watch Over Your Home

Finally, a startup that speaks my mind! All this while I have been thinking why drones haven’t been incorporated into our home security system. I mean, the technology and everything are there to allow us to create something completely autonomous that could be used to watch over our property like a faithful security guard as […]