Airobotics’ Futuristic Automated Industrial Drone Can Keep Flying 24/7

So far, drones have been peddled as aerial imaging rigs for both filmmakers and hobbyists, but that is set to change with Airobotics Automated Industrial Drones. As the name suggests, Airobotics’ proposition is not merely a drone; it is an entire system that is designed to perform tasks like inspection, surveying and mapping, and security […]

Real Life, Flying Half-life City Scanner Drone Is As Eerie As It Is Cool

Half-Life 2 is more than a decade old, but up to this day, it is fondly remember for its desolated setting, Gravity Gun and probably the rather sinister City Scanner Drone that plies the sky scanning for you. While many have tried their hands on making Gravity Gun, little love has been given to this […]

This Is How An Ancient Warrior Take A Drone Out Of The Sky

A drone taken out of the sky by a jet ski was pure accident, but this one here was clearly intentional and thanks to the proliferation of drones, which consequently annoy the hell out of the general population, intentional eliminating of drones is not something new today. This one, however, was pretty unfortunate and cool […]

Sphere VR Drone Opens Up Like A Blooming Flower To Take Flight

Why do we have a feeling that drone of the near future won’t be the familiar quadcopter setup we know today? I mean, they will operate on the same basic principle necessary for a balance flight, but they won’t be presented as what we have accustomed to seeing. Fleye broke new ground with its spherical-shape […]

Free Motion Handling Autonomous Flying Gripper Ball – The Future Is Here

You know the, jellyfish-like dirigible that were used to keep DNA records of humans in the sci-fi flick, Aeon Flux? Well, the future may sees such type of ‘ship’ cruising around us for different purposes, such as serving as airborne assistance system for folks working at height. No, we are not letting our imagination run […]

Hover Camera Drone Looks Like A Piece of Flying Oblong Slat

If you watch a lot of sci-fi movies, you may have come across a scenario or two of a person unpacking a drone and simply threw it into the air and it start videoing or surveying the area. Well, the Hover Camera developed by China-based Zero Zero Robotics you see here is not that kind […]

Drone With Functional Chainsaw Is As Terrifying As One That Spews Fire

A drone with chainsaw may not sounds as terrifying as one that spews fire or shoots, it is however no less dangerous. I mean, it don’t take a genius to know that flying drone with running chainsaw is bad news. It’s not the Predator, but it is totally capable of doing significant damage to people […]

British Teen Placed First In The Inaugural World Drone Prix In Dubai

I bet when the first person who came up with the idea of quadcopter didn’t imagine it would one day become a sport, much less one that pays. It is not like there aren’t any drone racing going on today; there are, but the pay out to the winning teams are probably not at the […]

Droneboarding Is Definitely Not Going To Be An X-Games Sport

We familiar with sports involving boards and towing, such as kiteboarding and wake boarding, for examples. And somewhere in between these two sports, there’s an emerging board sport that crosses path with technology and it is known as droneboarding. It takes no effort to imagine what it is. That’s right, droneboarding is what it says […]

Dutch Police Thinks Eagles May Be The Answer To Errand Drones

While Tokyo metropolitan police is busy training officers to intercept drones with net-equipped drones, Dutch police look to the wild to combat errand drones. In the pursuit to take down irresponsible drones or drones suspected of ill-intentions, Dutch National Police is training eagles to do the job. Well, that’s kind of no brainer, right? Since […]