Full Carbon Body Erida Gen B Drone Boasts Quick Swappable Battery and up to 35 Minutes of Flight Time

Imaging drones are a dime a dozen and with pioneers like DJI having a rather strong foothold in the market, it seems like unless the competing drone that swims, or bears any unique feature, it is likely to be overshadowed by the current established makers. But despite so, Erida Gen B by Atlas Aerospace managed […]

This Tiny Drone is Packed to the Brim with Features Including a Gimbal

Up till now, if you want an imaging drones with gimbal functionality, dropping a couple of thousands seem like an inevitable thing to do, but not if UK-based Extreme Fliers can help it. The outfit’s latest micro drone, dubbed Micro Drone 3.0, maintains the compact, launch-from-your-palm form, but now packs a user-controllable gimbal powered by […]

It’s a Tank. It’s a Quadcopter. No, it is a Radio Control Flying Tank!

RC cars have its limitation. It can’t get over obstacles, but B Remote Control Flying Car solves that quite easily with massive wheels and if the object is too much even for big wheels, it can always fly over them. But what if the terrain is too brutal and you would still like to traverse […]

Parrot Unveiled 13 New Minidrones, Including Drone-powered Hydrofoils

Imaging drones are not for everyone. Some just want to have fun chasing after one another with drones and for that, Parrot has the right stuff you. Encouraged by the success of the company’s first minidrones, Jumping Sumo and Minidrone, which have sold over 600,000 units, the French company has unveiled a slew of minidrones […]

This Three-rotor Multicopter is all About Speed, Promised Maneuverability of an Airplane

DJI may have made its name in the aerial imaging arena, but videographers who are also expert flyers may want something with a little flexibility, or should we say, advanced. In this case, these videographers slash abled pilots can look to rigs like the BlackOps Tricopter by RcRebel. From the description and long list of […]

CyPhy LVL 1 Drone Achieves Level Flight without Pitching Forward, Can Be Yours for $500

These days, companies big and small can design and make drones, but if you really look at it, innovation is usually not at the top of these makers’ priority. But not for commercial drone maker CyPhy, whose first consumer drone, LVL 1, literally reinvented multi rotor drone with Level-Up Technology that enables the drone to […]

Foldable Micro Size Drone Uses Origami Technique, Unfolds in a Snap

The now-popular configuration of drone, i.e. quad or multi rotor setup, makes them difficult to stowaway. Even the smallest of drones can’t fit into your pocket without breaking a rotor or two. That’s probably not a concern for hobbyists who rather the drone be bigger for visual clarity sake when flying. But if a drone […]

Sprite Breaks Aerial Imaging Drone Tradition with Coaxial and Tube Form

Forget what you know about imaging unmanned aerial vehicle, because if you are looking to deploy such a vehicle spontaneously, Sprite Rugged Imaging Drone is the way to go. Why? For starter, It has a tube-shaped design which enable it to be slip right into your backpack’s side pocket, which means quick access to it […]

Using This Follow-me Camera Drone is as Easy as Flinging it into the Air

Thanks to makers like DJI, imaging drones are easier to pilot then ever before. Today, the operator can be more of a videographer than a pilot and just when thought this is where imaging drone tech peaks, comes along a new entrant called Lily Camera Drone. It promised ease of flying. No, wait. In fact, […]

Swiss Post to Trial Drone Delivery for Small Packages and Documents

Drones are invading our lives and they don’t seem to be stopping. If anything, drone uses have grown exponentially and in every situation imaginable. It has gone beyond leisure and imaging, and are being used in some parts of the world to delivery small packages like meds and there’s even a bold plan to turn […]