Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight

Barnes & Noble’s last eReader, the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is quite a mouthful as far as eReader names are concerned. however, with the latest iteration, Barnes & Nobles has decided to drop ‘Simple Touch’ and simply refer it to as Nook GlowLight, which goes on sale today for just $119 a pop.

Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader

an eReader is just an eReader. unlike tablet, the OS behind the device is not quite the ‘thing’ that make them shines, but even so, the Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader managed to capture our attention. why? cos’ it has a Quick Charge feature which gives you the power to consume a 600-page novel with just 3 minutes of charging.

Kobo Aura eReader

getting a pretty and abled eReader is much like owning a good book with an awesome cover. agree? the only difference is, an eReader physical look doesn’t change when you switched books. that said, it is all the more important for style-conscious beings to hit up with the ‘right’ eReader. if you are on the same page as us, then you might want to check out the Kobo Aura eReader.

Kobo Aura HD eReader

if you will agree with us, reading ebooks off LED backed display is not the most comfortable thing to do in the entire world and so for true ebook lovers, a real eReader is the gadget of choice, but for the even more “passionate, voracious reader”, you have to look to the new Kobo Aura HD eReader. well, at least that’s how Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis puts it.

CST-01 E-ink Wrist Watch by Central Standard Timing

it is year 2013 and the world is nothing close to what that have been foretold by sci-fi movies. not even our basic time keeper, the wrist watch, is anything close to the ‘future’ but that’s going to change with the CST-01 E-ink Wrist Watch by Central Standard Timing. so what’s so ‘futuristic’ about the CST-01? for starter…

YotaPhone – Dual Display Android Smartphone

fiction: we can teleport ourselves to any place on Earth in an instant. fact: smartphone can actually have two displays – back-to-back – as proven by Russian firm Yota Devices’s YotaPhone (not to be confused with the little green saint-like Jedi master). and it is already off the drawing board and now a real life working…

txtrbeagle e-Reader

beyond its unpronounceable name, the txtrbeagle by Berlin-based txtr is set to revolutionize the e-Reader segment, well, not because of the technology that goes under the hood but for the extreme low price point of around £10 or about US$16 per unit. yes. you heard that right. a price that’s equivalent to today’s paperback you will get in brick-and-mortar stores. sporting a…

Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini e-Readers

not impressed with the new Kindle Paperwhite? or you simply want more options for your next e-Reader purchase? well, then you are in luck. Kobo is building up its e-Reader portfolio with two new e-ink based e-Readers, the Kobo Glo and the Kobo Mini. kicking off the new e-Reader line is the Kobo Glo, a 6″ e-Reader destined to go head-to-head with Amazon’s Kindle…

Kindle Paperwhite

ebook readers rejoice! Amazon has finally announced its new Kindle successor! dubbed as the Kindle Paperwhite, the new ebook reader is described as “quantum leap forward and the best Kindle” Amazon have ever built by far by founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. highlights include an advanced e-reader display with 62% more pixels (that’s 212 ppi for you geeks…

Sony Reader PRS-T2

thanks to the digital revolution, we no longer have to reserve a room in our space-staved abode just for books. now, we could keep like tons of electronic books in a little device such as the Sony Reader PRS-T2 and bring them around whenever we go. never mind the fact that our capability to consume those books are limited. perhaps it just feels…