For $5,000, You Will Get What’s Needed To Turn This Sofa Into A Punk Sofa

Well, actually you can’t. Apparently, the item is no longer available. What a shame, right? Cos’ it looks pretty rad. Anyways, this item was peddled by UV Production House too. The funny thing was, we didn’t even realized it was from the UV team when we earmarked this for posting a few days ago and […]

Aquarium Backpack Lets You Take Your Pet Fishes For A Walk

Unlike regular pets like chameleons, dogs, cats and such, fishes are relegate to fish tank, which obviously, you can’t bring it out. Thanks to the wonder of Interweb, you can show them off online, but what if you really want to bring your fishy out? Well, the good news is, there’s the Aquarium Backpack that […]

This ‘System’ Discretely Turns Pee Into Drinking Water Anytime, Anywhere

So you think Amazon sells some of the weirdest stuff on the Internet? Well, wait till you read about what Etsy seller Ultra Violet Production House has to offer: a concealed urine-to-drinking water conversion kit. UV Production House touts itself as a store that “provides customers with high quality sculpture materials and fabrication guidance for […]

Custom Dragon Ball Z Lamp With Light-up Spirit Bomb Is Oddly Captivating

The Dragon Ball Z Spirit Bomb Lamp by LitUpInteriorDesign may have sold out, but that won’t stop us from featuring it. This custom lamp based on Dragon Ball Z comic is the handiwork of Juan Tinzun who runs an Etsy store specializing in unique upcycled and repurposed lamps. It takes little wondering why this Dragon […]

Looks Like The Ewoks Could Use Some Star Wars-themed Wood Wallets

Wallet, like attire and hairstyle choice, speaks of one’s character and level of ‘stylishness’ and so, if you don’t want to be looking like you have lived in a cave for the entire life, then picking up a cool wallet seems like a good place to start. That said, here’s a super cool wallet from […]

Molten Lava Diabolical Guitar Has Glowing Lava That Look So Hot And Cool At The Same Time

Don’t be alarmed. The Molten Diabolic Guitar by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts you see here is not actually forged from real molten lava, so as hot as it looks, you will only look uber cool shredding it. Hell, you will look cool even without the need to do anything. However, if the town of Tristram beneath […]

Leather Boxing Glove Bean Bag is the Ultimate Way to Show Your Passion for Boxing

We have not-so-good news. The super cool Vintage Look Leather Boxing Glove Bean Bag you see here is gone. Someone has acquired it. Nevertheless, we thought we should go ahead and feature it, why? Because it is freaking cool, that’s why. A creation of Etsy seller Ornald, the Vintage Look Leather Boxing Glove Bean Bag, […]

You Can Buy Kylo Ren’s Crossguard Light Saber Even Before Star Wars Episode 7 Hits the Theaters

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens will only be hitting the big screen this December, but its trailers so far have created quite a stir, including a black stormtrooper (we see nothing wrong with that, btw), a ‘revolutionary’ rolling droid that turns out to be a real working droid, and also the controversial […]

AT-BT Boombox: A Delightful Boombox in the Shape of Star Wars AT-AT

You know AT-AT from the Star Wars franchise stands for All Terrain Armored Transport, but do you know what AT-BT stands for? I got you there, right? AT-BT is not from Star Wars and it stands for All Terrain Beats Transport which is basically a boombox, shaped in the likeness of the iconic walking armored […]

Here Are Some Awesome Handbags Made From LEGO Bricks for Ladies

You have seen (unofficial) LEGO gadget accessories such as iPad and Laptop cases, but what you may not know is, someone is using the famous studded plate for ladies’ handbags too. Yup. LEGO. Handbags. Which kind makes these products from Etsy seller, agabag, the unofficial LEGO handbags (and clutches). And toys they are certainly not. […]