Seagate’s New Duet 1TB Hard Drive Syncs Automatically To Amazon Cloud

Cloud storage and local storage solution by the way of portable hard drive have their pros and cons. Cloud is convenient, but you will be at the mercy of connectivity. Hardware solution, on the other hand, will not be at the mercy of connectivity, but you will have to have the physical device with you. […]

PC Modder Creates 128GB Floppy Disk Readable Using A Modded Floppy Drive

We have seen many spectacular PC case mods, but sometimes the one that takes the cake is the good’ol ‘ugly’ beige colored cases from the 90s. One modder Imgur user by the handle of Dr Moddnstine did exactly that. He was gutted and replaced an original IBM Aptiva from 1995 with today’s hardware, including an […]

This USB Flash Drive from SanDisk Does Not Need to be Plugged In

We don’t know what to make of the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. It is like a wireless hard drive, but it has a stick form factor and it has a USB connector which makes it a, well, USB flash drive. So I guess you can call it a hybrid of sort. Anyways, as the product […]

Nyko Data Bank Lets You Add Terabytes of Storage to Your Playstation 4 in a Sleek, Seamless Way

With the increasing details in video games, the demand for digital storage grows exponentially and the next-gen console copes by offering a pretty tantalizing 500GB of storage, but even then, that won’t be enough if you play tons of games and buy digital copies off Playstation store. Even if there is a larger capacity PS4 […]

Samsung Adds Speedy PRO Plus and EVO Plus to its Memory Card Portfolio

With the advancements in mobile photography and increase resolution coming from today’s advanced DSLRs, it is not surprising that memory cards are constantly being acquired by consumers. Personally, I rather not erase the content to make way for the new, but that’s just a personal preference. If you share the same sentiment, then I am […]

Buffalo’s New MiniStation Boasts Military Standard Protection, Grant Access at a Swipe of a Card

If you are paranoia about data security and/or damaging your all important portable hard drive, then you will probably be digging Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC Portable Hard Drive, because this handsome little guy has everything to quell whatever fear you might have when using an external drive. On the hardware protection front, the MiniStation Extreme […]

If You’re Serious About Dashcam Recording, You Should Really Check Out this SanDisk MicroSDXC Card

These days, dashcam is the must-have for automobiles to record your road trip or in the an unfortunate event of accident, it provides video evidence of the accident or maybe catching a few meteorite showering on Mother Earth. The thing about dashcam is, it is a continuously recording device. It don’t have off days. It […]

At 7mm, Seagate’s Seven Is The World’s Slimmest 500GB Portable Hard Drive

If the form factor of a portable hard drive has been bothering you, then you might want to check out the Seagate Seven Portable Hard Drive (officially, called Sevenmm). Announced at the International CES 2105 in Las Vegas, the Seven stakes the claim as the slimmest 500GB portable hard drive the world, measuring an incredibly […]

VIUD is a Super Tough USB Drive That Will Probably Outlast You in Any Given Extreme Conditions

if you expect to find your USB flash drive to be in some seriously extreme conditions such as running over by a vehicle, subject to 3,600 Fahrenheit (about 2,000oC) of heat, burnt by blowtorch, or even taking a dive down to 1.2 miles (2 km) of water, just to name a few, then Dave Humphrey […]

Gigs 2 Go Is The Tab Stickers Of The Flash Drive World, Lets You Store Large Files for Easy Sharing

don’t trust the cloud or email? well, then i am sure the Gigs 2 Go Tear-and-Share Flash Drive Pack will appeal to you. as the product name implies, it lets you tear out a USB flash drive, store something on it and give it to whoever you want to share the files with. no security […]