Likebook Facebook Timeline in a Book

behold the new age of scrapbooking and you don’t even need to leave a finger to do that. we are talking about the Likebook, a Facebook Timeline contained in a physical book that you can, well, make it as your coffee table book to satisfy the egoistic maniac in you. i don’t have anything useful on my timeline, just a bunch of junks

Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera

a few months on after the PowerShot N was announced, Canon is already serving up a new edition of this pretty, square compact shooter: the Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera. i guess the product name pretty much says what it is. for starter, this Facebook Ready edition shares all the hardware aspects as

Fliike – Physical Facebook ‘Like’ Counter

so you have store or business with a Facebook page and you are probably proud of the number of ‘Like’ you have gotten so far. so what? your walk in customer to your brick and mortar store won’t know, well, that’s what the Fliike by Smiirl aims to solve. Fliike is a link between your Facebook page to your storefront and as you can tell from the above image

HTC First with Facebook Home

are you obsessed with Facebook? like, really, really obsessed? then the HTC First with Facebook Home is the smartphone of choice for you. though handsets that centers around Facebook are not new, the HTC First stands out as one that has a little more influence. so how will Facebook Home benefits your obsession with Facebook?