Lifesaber: The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Tool For Real-World Jedis

Heading out into the wilderness means you will need a “sustainable” source of power for your most important gadget: your smartphone. Sure, you can load up yourself with multiple power banks, but is that really a practical solution if you are going on an undetermined number days? Probably not.

Flashlight With Plasma Lighter Is A Marriage Made For Outdoor

Gadget heads go-to all-thing camping equipment maker Power Practical has announced a pair of weather-resistant lighters aptly called Sparkr. Now, if you haven’t been in touch with the world of lighter, plasma lighter is a windproof lighter that is loosely inspired by Tesla Coil. You know? The two nodes that send concentrated electrical current to […]

Pyyros Is The Extreme Survival Tool We Want In Time Of A Disaster

If you camp often or have the habit of being prepared for any unfortunate disasters that may come your way, then you might want to check out Pyyros. Billed as the ultimate survival tool and flashlight, Pyyros is devised by an US military veteran and keen outdoorsman who obviously knows what a person needs in […]

NITECORE’s New Long Range Searchlight Gets Wireless Charging

For a item that is so frequently used, we’d say that induction charging, otherwise known as wireless charging, is long overdue in flashlight. But here it is, the NITECORE R40 Long Range Searchlight, a super powerful flashlight designed for search and rescue, and emergency response, is the first NITECORE to support this hassle-free charging solution. […]

Wicked Lasers’ New Flash Torch Mini Will Be Park Rangers’ Worst Nightmare

One of the main group of users of flashlight, AKA torch light, would be campers and thus, having a flashlight that’s capable of setting fire in the wild is not exactly the brightest idea, but that doesn’t stop Wicked Lasers from coming out with one. That’s a flashlight that can literally start a fire, btw. […]

Repulsor Handsfree Flashlights Has A Staggering 2,300 feet Beam Throw!

What you see here is not a sentinel robot from sci-fi movies and neither is it Tony Stark’s technology; it is a pair of flashlight. Called Repulsor, this pair of futuristic-looking flashlights lets you shine hundreds of feet ahead, handsfree. It is designed to cringe onto your waist, on your chinos or jeans’ belt. The […]

Finally, A Flashlight That Not Only Looks Good But Also Customizable

If you want to survive in the toughest conditions, you have to be sure your gears are up for it. If you want to survive the toughest conditions in low or no light, then you better be sure you have a flashlight that is tougher than you are. The Atlas C57 is one such flashlight […]

This Innovative Flashlight is Powered by Body Heat, No Battery Needed

Among the worst thing that can happen in our life is finding your flashlight out juice when you need it. With the Lumen Flashlight, problem of such won’t happen, because it doesn’t have any battery to begin with. Neither does it need you to crank like mad to get the power. The magic? A miniature […]

NITECORE EC4S: 2150 Lumens Flashlight That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Forget about clunky flashlights and cumbersome searchlights. Thanks to advancement in LED technology and material engineering, 2,150 lumens now pretty much fits in the palm of your hand and NITECORE’s latest flagship flashlight, the EC4S, is one such advanced LED flashlight, and it is one heck of a looker too. The EC4S provides up to […]

Triband Plus is a Wrist-worn, Urban Road Warriors’ Survivor Gear

If the Bomber firestarter paracord bracelet and the likes are the survival gear for the outdoor adventure seekers, then we suppose the Triband Plus would be the equivalent for urban road warriors. Triband Plus packs five functions into a neat, wrist-worn package and though it looks like a fitness tracker, it has no wish to […]