This Innovative Flashlight is Powered by Body Heat, No Battery Needed

Among the worst thing that can happen in our life is finding your flashlight out juice when you need it. With the Lumen Flashlight, problem of such won’t happen, because it doesn’t have any battery to begin with. Neither does it need you to crank like mad to get the power. The magic? A miniature […]

NITECORE EC4S: 2150 Lumens Flashlight That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Forget about clunky flashlights and cumbersome searchlights. Thanks to advancement in LED technology and material engineering, 2,150 lumens now pretty much fits in the palm of your hand and NITECORE’s latest flagship flashlight, the EC4S, is one such advanced LED flashlight, and it is one heck of a looker too. The EC4S provides up to […]

Triband Plus is a Wrist-worn, Urban Road Warriors’ Survivor Gear

If the Bomber firestarter paracord bracelet and the likes are the survival gear for the outdoor adventure seekers, then we suppose the Triband Plus would be the equivalent for urban road warriors. Triband Plus packs five functions into a neat, wrist-worn package and though it looks like a fitness tracker, it has no wish to […]

Meet A1T Endure, the World’s First Dual Independent Selective Battery Powered Tactical Flashlight

If you rely heavily on flashlight, then battery is likely to be your prime concern and as such, you either carry a spare flashlight or you bring along some spare batteries. With this new kid in the flashlight world, the OWLTAC A1T Endure, battery life is less of a concern – thanks its patent-pending dual […]

VSSL Flask Light – The Ultimate Survival Gear for Booze Lovers

Gone were the days where you need to conceal the flask containing your favorite booze. Not only we need not to hide it, there is a company that goes all the way out to make it multifunctional and it is calling it VSSL Flask Light which, as the name implies, is both a flask and […]

SureFire’s New UDR Dominator Flashlight Outputs 2,400 Lumens, Puts Search Light in the Palm of Your Hand

There is a tool for every job and in case of night operations, be it search and rescue or night fishing, there are searchlights to light up the way. However, the mention of searchlight sounds kind of heavy and it is, but thanks to the advancement in LED technology, it is now possible to have […]

Weapon-mountable ZeroHour Relic XR Tactical Flashlight Also Packs a 3,400 mAh Backup Battery

I am sure you guys remember ZeroHour. The California-based startup is back with a new tactical flashlight and backup battery combo and it is called ZeroHour Relic XR Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight. Unlike the original, this new model is a whole lot more compact, measuring in at 6 inches (152mm) long and weighs just […]

Just Add Water and This Emergency Light Will Shine for 72 Hours

when was the last time you needed a flashlight and it turned out that the batteries were flat (or worst, corroded) because it has been left inactive for too long? it happens at some point in time and that’s not ok if there is an emergency like power outage when all the lights are out. […]

Gerber Introduces Freescape Series Camping Gears To Make Camping More Enjoyable

love camping, but absolutely can’t do it without style? if that’s the case, Gerber might just have the answer: the Gerber Freescape Series camping gears. the series comprises of a pair of knife – a 3.8-inch kitchen knife and a 3.5-inch sheath knife, a large lantern, a small lantern, a flashlight and finally, a hatchet […]

SureFire Puts A Rugged Luminox Timepiece Into Its 2211 WristLight

who doesn’t love tactical flashlights and rugged watches? ok, perhaps not everyone, but if you so happen to love both as much as we do, then we suppose having a Luminox watch stuck to a wrist-worn LED light would probably sounds like music to your ears and such is what the SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight […]