RC Fire-breathing Dragon

if you are huge RC aircraft enthusiast, you have probably heard about the mythical beast, a radio control, turbine jet-powered dragon that breathes fire (note: not a typo). in fact, this RC Fire-breathing Dragon has been popping up in RC shows all over the country over the years and needless to say, the creature and its creator, Richard…

The James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

everyone knows the obligatory car stunts in James Bond movies are make believe, but that doesn’t stop fans from admiring and fantasized about those stunts. seriously, don’t do that. those stunts are, well, stunts and should be limited to your fantasy. you certainly don’t want to ruin your lovely Aston Martin DBS V12

The Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers

having cold ears already? perhaps this Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers can help you get through the long cold winter while keeping you entertained and also lets you answer calls coming to your smartphone without exposing your ears to the harsh cold. lets just say that this is a two-in-one solution for those living in cold

The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set

when we think slot cars, slotted tracks and fancy toy race cars comes to mind. in another word, we expected nothing less than four-wheeled miniature models, but that’s not the case with the The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set. unless you have serious skills in piloting RC aircraft, the The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set

The Observatory Class Telescope

chin up at night and you will be able to awe at the majestic stars filled dark sky, but if you want to see further such as peering into the Orion Nebula or perhaps be dazzled by trillion stars of the Andromeda Galaxy, then you will need more than just a pair of naked eyes – this calls for a piece of hardware

The iPad Musical Shower Curtain

can’t live a moment away from your smartphone or tablet even when you hit the shower? then you seriously got to check out The iPad Musical Shower Curtain. it is shower curtain with a waterproof pocket for your iPad and has a clear, touch sensitive plastic facing the shower which allows you to continue touching

The Best Two Slice Toaster

there are growing number of connected home appliances, but one thing for sure, we like our toasters the way it is – if the toaster in question is The Best Two Slice Toaster (as usual, that’s the name bestowed on it by Hammacher). according to Hammacher, this sleek toaster can consistently turn out perfectly browned toaster than any model.

The Golf Cart Hovercraft

forget about the pimped up Pennwick Custom Golf Carts. if you really want absolute style when you are hitting the fairways, The Golf Cart Hovercraft by Neoteric Hovercraft is the way to go. when pro golfer Bubba Watson’s Oakley BW1 hovercraft first made its debut, you couldn’t own one even you have the cash to spare, but thanks to the good people

The Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

apart from flying cars, traveling on a single-wheel contraption is probably the next most dream about transportation, albeit being way less ambitious. while flying cars may take quite a while to fruition, electric single-wheeler is not a dream anymore – if you have that kind of money to throw. and the money we are talking

The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digital

do you feel the need to read magazines while you are dropping the kids off at the pool? instead of pile of magazines, why not read from a handy device such as your iPad? but if so, where do you put your iPad? The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digitalaka pedestal stand with roll holder for iPad seems to hold the answer to